Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 11 | March 2017 - Page 13

Encouraging words and the “Best Advice” that was shared:

Invest in yourself.

Follow Your heart.

Bloom where you’re planted.

To invest in myself and act as though I already have all I need.

Trust in yourself, in your heart.

Do biz my way.

Believe in your instincts.

Do one thing and do it well.

Know your worth.

Communicate directly to your ideal client and clearly articulate the benefits of what you offer.

Never give up.

Be Yourself and lead from your heart.

When the horse is dead GET OFF!

I believe positive, nurturing support is vital in the success of any venture

(entrepreneurship, project, relationship and etcetera), my question to you is,

“How may I support you?”

Here’s some of the “Worst Advice” that was shared:

Wait for the better time to do it.

Business isn't personal.

Email lists are everything.

That there is no money in life coaching.

To be a follower.

Do biz their way.

It's not worth it.

Do all of the works by yourself.

You have to work constantly to succeed.

Charge for the work you put into an item. You never truly get that out of a project.

You need to be pitchy and pushy.

To be successful, just get organized and focused.