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When starting a business or adventurous venture, there is bound to be someone in your life that gives you grief. Do you heed their words, or do you listen to those who offer encouragement, support and the shoulder to lean on during the hardest days? It is challenging to maintain growth (forward motion) when it feels like your dreams and hard work are not recognized by those you love and count on for support.

The voices of my supportive tribe are muffled, almost extinguished, by an incredibly large group of sabotagers beating the drum of “What are you doing? Get a job. Get a job. Get a job. Get! A! JOB!”

I know I'm not alone in feeling a lack of support. I created a survey to find out what others have experienced. I wanted to know who supported them, and what's the best and worst advice other entrepreneurs received when they started their business.

No matter your situation, may you always find encouragement and strength when you need it the most.

The respondents that took the survey have been an entrepreneur for:

Less than one year 8.33%

1-3 years 0%

3-6 years 16:67%

6-9 years 8.33%

Over 10 years 66.67%

When asked where do you get the support you need, most common responses were:

Friends I trust

Fellow female holistic entrepreneurs


Mastermind/business groups

And the response that had a significant impact was,

“Myself, because I’ve had to go inward to get what I really need.”

Are youSupported?

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