Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 09 | January 2017 - Page 9

What is holding you back from your greatness? Is it the voice that echoes from childhood that tells you you're not good enough? Is it the spouse who, once again, reminds you you'll never accomplish your “silly” dream? Are you lacking the kind of support you desperately want from your friends and family?

What if we stop searching and started listening to our own intuition?

One of this month's themes I witnessed that applies to my situation is you're being blocked for a reason. From my interview with Debra Oakland, I wrote the following in the cover article, "It was her trust in the process that strengthened her courage to keep writing. She learned that when she tried to force things, they didn’t work, and she’d get stopped in her tracks. However, when she allowed things to come to her, the right people entered her life to help her."

As I edit the magazine and witness its flow, words of wisdom jump out at me from the pages. Jen Flick wrote, “If your answer is the latter, I give you full permission to tank the resolution and move on to this question instead...”. Barb Parcells shared, “...receive her teachings and guidance, we must be open to the belief that for every question or problem, there is a solution, and that those questions, as well as the answers, lie within all of us.”

I'm curious to know what stood out for you this month. Share your thoughts on the feedback form on page 63.

Photograph by C.K. Kochis