Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 09 | January 2017 - Page 63

Change is enviable. As hard as it may seem, change is vital. Without change, we cannot grow and evolve. When we are continuously faced with road blocks, it's a good sign you're traversing the harder path (versus the easy one).

Flipping through the pages, when I placed several sentences together from the various stories, I found a message that resonated with me. Patricia Young started her article with, “We all want to feel more joy in our lives, and the truth is, that Joy is the natural state of our spirit, our true-Self.” Rachel Kieffer began Ditch Your Habits & Embrace Rituals with asking, “What is your worst habit, the one you have been trying to change unsuccessfully for years?” And, Natasha Botkin concluded her article by writing, “Go for it, put all your heart and soul into whatever you are completing; whether you need the literal beat of a drum or a metaphoric mantra."

It truly is a blessing to share the wisdom within the pages of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine with you. From a grateful heart, I extend to you my love and gratitude.

What messages resonated with you this month? Please share your thoughts with me.