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January 2017 | | 45

We all want to feel more joy in our lives, and the truth is, that Joy is the natural state of our spirit, our true-Self. But we get disconnected from it as we grow older, and we let our ego take over and drive our lives. We can see the full expression of joy when we take a look at the children around us. They’re playful, full of wonder, creative, lighthearted and free.

In order for us to reconnect with that natural state, and feel joy every day, feel that we are whole and that we’re enough, no matter what our circumstances are, we need to start living our lives from our True Self. We need to shift our perspective from ego to spirit.

We have to leave our fears, insecurities, confusion and need to control aside, because that makes us live a constricted life. Instead, we have to let our Authentic Self, our spirit, guide us through life with ease and grace. Our true-Self is wise enough to make us live a life of easiness, expansiveness and joy.

To cultivate joy in our lives, we need to shift from the limitations of our ego to the freedom of our Authentic Self. Here are a few tips that will help you with that shift:-

Live in the present moment – Make peace with the past. Life is happening NOW, not in the past or the future. Create your future from the present moment. Forgive to liberate yourself. Meditate and practice being mindful by observing without judging (yourself and others). Meditating has the purpose of removing the wrong perceptions and we will be free of fear, anger, etc.

Be Grateful – There is always a reason to be grateful. Choose to focus your attention on the things that are good with your life now. Whatever you focus your attention on, will re-produce. Appreciating the beauty in little things, and being grateful for all of the wonderful things you already have in your life, makes life easier and more pleasant, not only for you, but for the ones around you too.

Embrace your challenges – When we keep an open mind we can see opportunities in every obstacle we face. Embracing our challenges and stepping out of our comfort zone will make us grow and evolve. Learning to manage our challenges and fears, trying to see things from a different perspective is always a positive thing, it is a sign that we’re expanding and growing. Always remember, don’t resist, because “whatever resists, persists”

A Recipe for Cultivating Joy

By Patricia Young