Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 09 | January 2017 - Page 4

In Life,

Be the Director

of Your Own Movie

Debra Oakland

Author of

Change Your Movie

Change Your Life

7 Reel Concepts For

Courageous Change

“If you want to learn about patience and yourself, and about plans being changed

- try and write a book.”

by C.K. Kochis on page 20

Monthly Features

One Woman's Story of Healing

Indira's Journey

She taught the whole group, the doctor and me very valuable lessons by sharing her journey.”

by Rachel Kieffer on

page 26

Moment of Zen

by C.K. Kochis on page 38

Unlock the Good Life

I have come to believe that our breath is a miracle and a much neglected tool of the soul.”

by Ruthie Lewis on

page 14

Divine Feminine in Flannel

by Reba Linker on

page 18

Heart Centering

This will naturally

sync up your own vibrational rhythm.”

by Natasha Botkin on page 28

Just Be Fabulous

"...I give you full permission to tank the resolution....”

by Jen Flick on page 30



4 | | January 2017