Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 09 | January 2017 - Page 31

January 2017 | | 31

eyed expression from the cashier followed by the words, “Wow! I wish I could say that about my day!”

My typical response was, “You can! Try it. You’ll be amazed. Just saying it makes you begin to feel it!”

One of my favorite memories of using the word fabulous is from a trip to Las Vegas with my husband. We were enjoying a decadent buffet dinner set up in a large, sparkling ballroom prior to seeing Jersey Boys on the Strip. Waiters scurried from table to table serving drinks and clearing dishes. Ours was everything you could hope for in a Vegas server. He was flamboyant, energetic, friendly and entertaining. When he approached us and asked how we were doing, I answered enthusiastically, “We’re fabulous! How are you?”

He literally stopped in his sizzling, body-snuggling pantsuit and said, “Well, I just might be fabulous, too! Can I use that?”

With a huge smile, I replied, “Absolutely!”

For the next hour I received the amazing gift of watching him work his tables in our portion of the immense banquet room. Each time our server greeted a new table full of guests, my husband and I heard, “I’m wondering how you are this evening because I am fabulous!”

Every single diner lit up with laughter and seemed to become a bit more fabulous themselves! This single word cast out among the tables quickly transformed the ballroom into a tidal wave of joy. It was spectacular for me to witness the ripple effect of the energy; and that evening I decided to fully adopt the word fabulous into my life.

So it is that I’ve been able to release the weight of traditional annual resolutions. I’d much rather wake each morning and ask myself, “how can I choose to be fabulous today?”, than take on the destructive task of contemplating over perceived deficiencies. Instead of trying to revamp myself each year in January, I’ve decided to lovingly accept who I am and focus on moving forward day by day into fabulousness.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Dreams, goals and visions are all important components of a well-lived, soulful life and these I encourage passionately! If your resolutions contribute in a positive way to your own becoming, please resolve away! Just be sure to ask yourself, “Does this resolution make me feel fabulous or does it make me feel like I’m broken and in need of repair?”

If your answer is the latter, I give you full permission to tank the resolution and move on to this question instead, “How can I show up each day as a little spark of something fabulous?” Take the simple, inspired answer that comes to you and cast out your embers into the world. Share your light, and you’ll set your life aglow.

Drop the duty of choosing a daunting resolution. Choose instead to just be fabulous. The truth is…you already are!