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The heart beats between the breaths of this present life that can often be called the dream. This is vibrational energy that only you can hear.

From a medical standpoint, you can live without pieces of your body. Although you cannot live without your heart. I’ve read of an instance where doctors artificially completed the task of a gentleman living without a true pulse. Again, this is in artificial terms; and the need for the heart to function; yet, you can live without part of your liver, brain and more.

Ponder for just a moment, how incredibly important and powerful your heart is. The resounding sounds of the heartbeat are impeccable.

For a moment, close your eyes and place your left hand over your heart. Inhale and as you exhale place your right hand over your left hand. Feel the synergy of the heart beating, your breathing all in a divine rhythm known only to you. Now, tap your left hand with your right hand. This will naturally sync up your own vibrational rhythm. Gone is the notion of listening to another rant of how it should be. Your body knows better than anyone; please listen to your own drumming; your own beat; your own vibe.

This is the centering of your heart into its natural divine rhythm. There is no wrong way to complete this. I am a “spiritualist” that will go against the flow of the norm. Why, do I; because, I know my heart better than anyone. I am known to be the crusader sent to shake things up and release that which is not of the divine.

Synchronicity is divine; your heart and breath beating in the center of your chest as one. This is simply divine and the essence of our lives. Our soul’s true connection to source.

As an educator with students who are often non-verbal or unable to communicate in a manner that makes sense; I utilize a drum. “Marching to one’s own drum” takes on a whole new meaning. In the past, I have handed out oatmeal containers and allowed my students to create their own drums. Next, we create a sacred circle. Most cultures have circles and/or drumming circles. The ancient one’s found connection to spirit through rhythm.

Once the students have created their drum, we sit in what looks like a circle. Yet, my heart knows it is much more than that. Next, begins the “ceremony/ritual” we take turns tapping on our own drum. Finally, the vastness of divine synchronicity expounds for all to hear and see. As a group, we begin tapping, the syncing occurs as if by magic; the rising of the souls’ and the dance of the circle while we are all still drumming to our own “beat” or rhythm. To witness this is incredible, to be part of something bigger than us and each of us allowing the divine essence to flow through. Yet, in the divine spirit of a source bigger than imaginable as 20 individuals beat in their own harmony with a balance that is indescribable. Each marching to their own heartbeat, and each creating a symphony for us to enjoy and behold.

To be part of something so big, changes the way that one centers their heart and their breath. There was no need for a meditative stance that another controlled; the one that was in charge is and will always be the divine spirit.

Go for it, put all your heart and soul into whatever you are completing; whether you need the literal beat of a drum or a metaphoric mantra. Enjoy your own heart’s rhythm and synchronicity of the breath. This is simply divine.

By Natasha Botkin

Heart Centering

Heart Centering

28 | | January 2017