Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 09 | January 2017 - Page 24

grows the pain lessons and the skin grows thicker in spots. Now that's what I call courage; where it grows thicker. Our loved ones that passed do vibrate to love. So if you're angry, bitter, or in a horrible state of grief over their loss, they can't feel you and you can't feel them. They can't come to you and be with you. They can only come to those in a state of love and peace.”

“Internal change must proceed external change. If you're not willing to change your internal, your external is not going to change. Your internal world determines your external world. Changing your internal world for the better doesn't mean that everything is going to be all roses.It's not like everyday is perfect.”

Over the six years it took Debra to self-publish Change Your Movie, Change Your Life, it was common for her to spend ten to twelve hours a day writing and editing. Her husband would come home from work and ask her if she'd stepped away from her book yet, and she typically hadn’t. “I learned how to self-publish, which was an education. I researched everything; every option.” Debra was in a state of complete trust, knowing what she was doing would help many others, the right people showed up at the right time with the next element to be added to the final product. When things were not in the flow, she could feel the resistance to that particular process. An example of this involved her book cover. She paid an individual to create her cover artwork, which took longer than expected and then when she received it, she didn't like it. After she made the decision to scrap it, she found her cover image by accident the next day, and she received the cover you see on her book today within a week.

A bit of advice Debra shares for those healing from a loss is to be cautious of the counselor who tells you what you need to do in the 'outer world' versus guiding you to your 'inner world' where you can make your own choices from a conscious level for your highest good.

“In my desire to inspire and support people I provide a spiritual oasis for overcoming life's biggest challenges, and I have developed seven concepts for creative change that not only help people survive in the face of adversity but gives them the tools to thrive,” Debra said. “My goal is to inspire and support people through the rough patches in their life.”