Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 09 | January 2017 - Page 22

Debra’s book teaches us the seven concepts that we can use in many aspects of our life. “It's basically about universal laws and principles of the universe, and how we apply them to our lives. I wrote in a way that's very movie-like. And in the end, I rolled the credits. Written and directed by Debra Oakland, and the executive director, production manager, copy editors…”

It was her trust in the process that strengthened her courage to keep writing. She learned that when she tried to force things, they didn’t work, and she’d get stopped in her tracks. However, when she allowed things to come to her, the right people entered her life to help her. As Debra expressed, “It’s divine intervention. Everyone showed up.”

She coined the phrase, ‘NOW equals your Naturally Occurring Wonder.’ “When you can stay in the NOW moment, right here, right now, that's your Naturally Occurring Wonder, and everything you need will come to you. I believe I live in an abundant universe and everything I need shows up, and I trust in that and it works.”

“You become the observer in your life which gives you a new introspective. Remember to stay connected to your heart – that's your great key to peace and to who you really are. We can break old cycles that keep us stuck in our stuff. If you realize the internal change must proceed external change. That's important to get yourself out of potential ‘quicksand’.”

“Life is your movie production. You are the writer, director, editor, and producer. If you don’t like what you are experiencing, re-write the script.”

We are often not taught of the powerful ability we have as individuals to re-write our own life story. Debra shares the process of how she deprogrammed herself to explore what's true for her, what sparked a fire in her soul, and how she connects to her internal energy. “We are unique. Each of us has a gift to deliver to the world that no one else can deliver. There are people who will never discover what's within themselves and what that gift is.”

“Each person is unique in their own way … there are no copies of your individual blueprint/design. Think about the possibilities you hold to express yourself in a way no one else can. Exciting isn't it?”

“When you trust in the abundance of the Universe (I'm not talking about money specifically, money is a tiny bit of abundance), abundance includes everything and there is abundance in every living thing. When you can trust in that abundance to flow to you, you've got well-being, and money (you can end up with financial independence). Abundance can be happiness, joy, a relationship, it can be anything you desire to have in your life.” Debra shared, “We have a relationship with money like we have a relationship with a friend, mate, or child. If you spoke to them like you do with money, they would leave you. Ask yourself in certain moments, would you want to be around you?”

Phrases like 'money sucks,' 'people with money are bad,' 'I don't have enough of this; I don't have enough of that' expand out into the world as your belief. In regard to manifesting, if you express outwardly, and say, ‘I really want money in my life,’ ‘I love money,’ ‘I respect it,’ ‘I want it’ and then you look at somebody and say, and then internalize, ‘look at that house they have, bet they…’ or ‘look that them and their fancy house. I don't know why they have that fancy house, they don't need that. It's big enough for twenty-five people’. The contradicting reactions confuse our consciousness and we block things from happening. Debra wrote (page 52), Everything we do or say or meditate upon has vibratory effects that flow out into our world. Those vibrations are molecular actions, which influence and create reactions. It is the creative force within you; that aspect of you which is “created in the image of God.”

The seven concepts can be utilized in many areas of our lives. For example, if someone had a relationship issue and they blame the other person. We may question, ‘how could they do this to me’, ‘don't they love me’, ‘why did they do this’? When speaking to someone in these situations, Debra tries to guide them back to their answers from within. “First I ask them, 'Do you feel you are responsible for everything you do?' 'Do you take ownership that what you do creates the outcome; what you think, what you say, what you feel? Some people will say, no. They think life surrounds them and they don't think they possibly could have caused the horrible situations in their lives.”

22 | | January 2017