Read Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 09 | January 2017 - Page 16

to me, why go on? My friend, this is where we really learn to live the “good life.” If you can sit in your heartbreak and not give up on life, and understand that life isn’t your enemy, but yours to live any way you want, you’re living the “good life.

That’s it, beloved. When you choose your heart over life’s dictates, you are really living.











Sounds like the “good life” to me. Simple but profound moment by moment habits all governed from the heart and soul having nothing to do with the physical world. It’s no mystery, but the “good life” is most often on lockdown.

Now, look at your list of those things that would make you feel you’re living the “good life.” Now ask yourself, could those things be a part of your life if you developed these simple things I’ve lain out? As you read each of your "good life" desires, preface them with what if I… and the above prompts - for instance; What if I “Believe”, would that make it more possible for this (desire) to be a part of a "good life"?

Believing, not doubting in your “good life.”