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you don’t have time for? The point is, your life is either stagnate, or it is growing into goodness.

Decide while others delay.

I have to confess, sometimes decisions are hard for me to make on the spot. I’m getting better at narrowing down priorities and just doing it, and also not overthinking something I’ve decided to do or want to say, and just going all in.

Begin while others procrastinate.

It’s normal to put off those things you just don’t want to do. I do it all the time and it’s really no big deal. Those things are not part of the “good life.” This is about taking the first step toward a goal or project that you really want to do, or it may be toward growing or ending a relationship, or even a job move, or an adventure that you’ve put off because you’ve convinced yourself that it’s not that important. My friend, if it’s in your heart, it’s important, and a key to the “good life.” It’s true, we tend to put off all the things that are beckoning us to the “good life.” Just begin.

Work while others wish.

It’s true that sometimes we just need to settle into patience, but I have found myself too many times “wishing” certain things would just happen. Sometimes they do as we send up our soul requests because God is about nurturing our souls with what we need, but most of the time it takes only a small action or a shift in mindset on our part. No, it's not about hard work, it's taking simple steps toward your wishes.

Save while others spend.

I’ve gotten better at keeping track of what I spend money on and what value I get back from where my money goes. You would be surprised what putting back a few bucks a week can add up to. It could add up to money to get the car fixed, a new appliance when it’s needed. Even better - that vacation next summer. There are so many small ways to save that truly give us a sense of power that is inherent in the “good life.” There is little like money that weighs on how we feel about our life status, but it's also about our beliefs about money. There is also little like money that cemented beliefs from a very young age that affect how we live every day in many areas of our life.

Listen while others talk.

I think I could write a book here. It’s actually a pet peeve of mine. There’s nothing that drives me crazier than to be a part of a conversation where everyone is being interrupted. I am a conversationalist, part of the writer thing I guess, but I’ve always believed that what someone has to say is important. It’s one of our deepest soul-cry’s - “hear me.” Hearing each other is a deep part of humanity’s validation of each other. It’s sad to me that our culture has become one where distractions, or thinking of what to say next is mostly how we communicate. It truly is an act of love to listen, give someone your attention - a true gift.

Smile while others scowl.

Well, this kind of goes without saying. We all know how a smile from someone can change your outlook in a moment. Your choice to smile does the same. I challenge you to make yourself smile the next time you feel a little off, stressed or ticked. It's not denying the feelings, it’s like a happy pill. It works a little like when in a moment of stress, you stop to take in several long, deep breaths. I have come to believe that our breath is a miracle and a much neglected tool of the soul. Smile at a stranger, smile at yourself in a difficult moment. Smiles are breaths to your day.

Commend while others criticize.

One of my favorite things to study as a Life Coach is why we are so quick to say or think something negative, or to criticize someone, a behavior or situation. In reality, it’s the mindset that “I would have done it differently.” The real detriment keeping you from the “good life” is the “should be” we inflict on ourselves and others. Commending someone whether in word or heart is simply honoring their being. The same goes for commending yourself, even when criticized.

Persist when others quit.

Temptations to quit are powerful! Life pushes us hard to give up sometimes. I, as well as you, have many projects that are yet to be completed, whether it’s an unfinished book, something half built. They were all moved to the background for many different reasons, but it is when we quit on our dreams, quit living because of burn out, or heartbreak that we sentence our lives to “whatever.” You quit because you believe your dream can’t happen, or if life does this to me, why go on? My friend, this is where we really learn to live the “good life.” If you can sit in your heartbreak and not give up on life, and understand that life isn’t your enemy, but yours to live any way you want, you’re living the “good life.

That’s it, beloved. When you choose your heart over life’s dictates, you are really living.











Sounds like the “good life” to me. Simple but profound moment by moment habits all governed from the heart and soul having nothing to do with the physical world. It’s no mystery, but the “good life” is most often on lockdown.

Now, look at your list of those things that would make you feel you’re living the “good life.” Now ask yourself, could those things be a part of your life if you developed these simple things I’ve lain out? As you read each of your "good life" desires, preface them with what if I… and the above prompts - for instance; What if I “Believe”, would that make it more possible for this (desire) to be a part of a "good life"?

Believing, not doubting in your “good life.”

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