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What do you believe about the “good life”? Is it something only a privileged few are fortunate enough to live?

If I asked you what the “good life” is, how would you answer? Most of us, because of our conditioned beliefs and thought patterns that culture and life itself encumbers us with, automatically conjure up images of a particular lifestyle that includes money, even if it’s not a lot of money, it’s an idea of “no money worries”; things; nice cars; a dream home; all the latest "toys"; successful endeavors, etc.

What were your first thought at the words “good life”? It may have included at least some of the elements I mentioned. But let's go a little deeper. What would your “good life" look and feel like? How about taking a moment to write down some of the things that would be a part of what you would consider a “good life.” I suggest writing them down so you can refer back to them, and ponder them throughout the week. They may even become a part of your “good life.”

I want to give you some hints about what makes a life good. If these hints are incorporated into your day, I guarantee you will feel the "good" flourishing, and isn’t how you feel moment-to-moment really the essence of how we experience life?

These are simple things that in the moment, we might brush off as unimportant. I said simple, but perhaps not exactly “easy”. The reason being that these things are not just behaviors or mindsets, they are a habitual lifestyle lived from the heart. It is not something to have, something to be learned, but a simple wisdom and inner knowing of spirit that becomes the wealth of a “good life.”

You may want to write this information so you can read my hints everyday so that they become embedded in your soul. enabling you to eventually live out a completely different lifestyle. You see, it is a process of changing our perspective of life from the chaotic outward circumstances, judging life in the light of good or bad, and the frustration and anger of what we think “should” be.

Let’s take a look:

Believe when others doubt.

It’s really amazing to me how we can think we really believe something and then, one comment that contradicts what we know to be true can raise doubt and the next thing we know, questions are rolling around in our head.

Learn while others loaf.

This is kind of a biggy if you ask me. What if you took only four hours a week of the time you spend watching TV or on Facebook or any number of things that eat valuable time like a shark, and spent that time reading a book about a subject you are interested in, or learning a new skill, or maybe just using that time to do an activity you love but always say

By Ruthie Lewis



Good Life



Good Life

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