Re: Winter 2013/14 - Page 55

“Will” Shakespeare A recent chance to see a live relay of Richard II, has reminded me what a clever writer Shakespeare was. But I think he would also have been very good at marketing. Making a Will being one example (not just because it’s his name). King Richard (he is just about still King at that point) says to his followers “Let’s choose our executors, and talk of Wills”. What a good idea! Let’s talk about Wills. And let’s begin by choosing our executors. Executors have a huge role to play in administering an estate. But if you haven’t made a Will the person who you most want to do this for you may not be legally able to do so. Without a Will the law dictates who will do it. It could be a member of your family that may be your closest blood relative but you may not have seen for years. Would you want that? You may not want family to have the distress of administering your estate on top of their grief, but they may have to. You may not know who to appoint as executors but we as solicitors can be appointed. If we are, we can organise your funeral, and although we have to charge for the work done, we always take a personal interest in your wishes to make sure everything is done as you would want it. So don’t think a Will is just for where your money or house goes. It includes appointing those people you trust and rely on to administer your estate. And contrary to some preconceptions, an executor can also be a beneficiary. They are also entitled to reasonable expenses so shouldn’t be out of pocket for looking after things for you even if they are not left any thing in your Will. King Richard then says “Let us sit upon the ground, and tell sad stories…” Well, don’t worry! We don’t make you sit on the ground to discuss your Will. We have offices you can come to with comfortable chairs and if you can’t get to us we are more than likely willing to come to you at no extra cost! King Richard also says “Let’s talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphs”. Alright, we don’t often bring worms into the conversation but your Will can also be a good place to express your funeral wishes so that your executors know what you want instead of having to guess when the time comes. King R