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where they meet. Gently score around the top of your ring with a sharp knife, slits that are not too long otherwise the filling will ooze out (no more than 2”). Pop in your pre-heated oven for around 50 minutes, turning half way through if you need to. Don’t panic if your filling starts to bubble out from the slits or elsewhere, mine did! Whilst your Couronne is baking, heat the apricot jam and water gently so it is ready to brush on to the Couronne when you remove it from the oven. After 50 minutes or when the top has a lovely golden colour and the base is crisp (to check, take it out, slide just the edge of the Couronne off the baking sheet but still on the paper, peel the paper away from a tiny section underneath and check there is no soggy bottom in sight), give it a bit longer if it needs it. It should have risen a bit too. Take your Couronne out, slide it from the baking sheet on to a cooling rack (still on it’s paper). Brush with the apricot glaze whilst the Couronne is still hot then sprinkle with your toppings. When the Couronne has cooled, if you have any oozes, you can cut them off with a sharp knife to give you a good edge all around, they will come away easily. If you fancied, you could add some thinly sliced cooking apples, just make sure you lay them lengthways so that when you roll up your sausage they roll nicely with it. Go for varied toppings too if you want to – roasted hazelnuts, icing sugar dusted, whatever takes your fancy! Delicious served warm or cold with a dollop of brandy butter, cream, crème fraiche, custard, ice cream…sure I ended my last recipe with these accompaniments. By Liz Chatfield 47