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From the kitchen Do you have something you would like us to review? If so email OXO Gravy/Fat Separator Kenwood Kmix Magenta Ravi Instant Chiller for white wine No more frantically trying to skim the fat of your gravy with a spoon when you serve your festive roast. Take the elbow work out of food preparation the Christmas with the stylish Kenwood Kmix Mixer KMX99. Combining design elements of the classic food mixer with modern touches that will look great on any kitchen worktop, the Kenwood Kmix Mixer will be your essential kitchen assistant. Picture the scene. Your guests ask for another glass of chardonnay but you have only chilled one bottle. Don’t panic, with this unique chilling system, you can bring a room-temperature white wine to the perfect drinking temperature instantly ( 72ºF/22ºC to 45ºF/9ºC ) as you pour. This versatile food mixer comes with a 500-watt motor capable of tackling any job, including heavy dough loads up to 1.35 kg. Kenwood’s unique fold function uses a mixing action to perfectly incorporate ingredients in the 5-litre stainless steel bowl, with no unstirred pockets. No ice bucket, no more mess, no need to pre-chill, no over-chilling. This nifty measuring jug with a built-in heat-resistant strainer and stopper catches unwanted bits and prevents fat from rising to the top of the spout. Once the gravy has settled, remove the strainer and the stopper and pour out perfect gravy; a shield prevents the gravy from spilling over the top of the Separator instead of through the spout. £10.50 from House of Fraser Good for an entire bottle of white wine or for 60 minutes once removed from the freezer. With Ravi wine lovers are always ready to enjoy a glass without the wait! £32.99 from £374 from 44