Re: Winter 2013/14 - Page 32

Climbing corporate more than the Rock climbing is a great physical and mental workout. It uses muscles all over your body – not just your arms despite what many people think. Core strength is a real focus, as is flexibility. Regular climbing can do wonders for your health and physique as climbing provides a cardiovascular, stretching and strength workout. However, brute force and fitness won’t be enough to get you to the top of a climbing route. Climbing requires equal amounts of mental, technical and physical ability. It therefore provides a work out for your mind as well as your body. Working out how to get to the top of a route will involve problem solving and will certainly get your brain as well as muscles working. This results in climbing being totally engrossing, making you forget about your stresses and leaving your mind clear and refreshed. You may think that people who rock climb are crazy or slightly unhinged. However, contrary to popular belief climbers or other so called “adrenaline junkies” are actually often people who like a challenge and enjoy pushing boundaries but are also very good at analysing risk