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“I’ve had so many career highlights – I think the best feeling was standing on the London Palladium stage with a packed house full of people on their feet cheering at the top of their voices – raising the roof. I was playing the lead so that moment is pretty high up there. “I have worked with some awful people – loads of them – but I can’t say who they are as I will probably bump into most of them at some stage! all of a sudden people were staring at me because they’d seen the one episode. “Another best mate, Damian Williams, who is a great actor, has always been someone who’s guided me through a lot of my work – I think he has been the biggest influence on me. “In terms of my preference for stage and television – there’s a difference in the style and the creative process but the principle – well, they’re both trying to do the same thing, which is to give a truthful performance. I love the teamwork in both their separate ways – it’s exciting to do television but it’s strange because your buzz moment is when it goes out which can be weeks or months after you’ve filmed but it’s very much about when you’re doing the filming or TV work or the film work – it’s about creating a moment and seeing the playback – seeing that on screen and creating that small moment and moving on. “It’s much more organic doing the whole show on stage as it’s the beginning, middle and end and then you stand there and hopefully the audience are cheering and then clapping and that’s your reward right there – whereas it’s much more fragmented with TV and film. You can watch back your performance and then it’s all edited and cut back when you actually watch the episode or film. “I love the Theatre Royal in Brighton – it’s fantastic, it’s intimate as well, which is lovely. It’s definitely right up there for me. House for a number of years. When I first visited the hospice, I was blown away by what a fantastic atmosphere they have there. The warmth, the caring – it’s so, not clinical, you know? That was something I was expecting it to be and it’s not – it’s so warm it feels like someone’s home and the facilities are fantastic. What they do is amazing and it just changes people’s lives. It gives respite care for these families – it’s such a difficult life for them, for the kids and the families but to get that day, week or number of hours just to rest. These parents know their children are safe and that they’re in safe hands. The parents can talk to people who understand what they’re going through and not many people understand what it’s like to have a child with a life-limiting or life-threatening disease like that. There aren’t many who can understand what that’s like on a daily basis. “These kids inspire me when I meet them, they’re all fantastic. I’m honoured to be on board.” By Liza Laws “I love Sussex too and I’ve been a patron of children’s hospice, Chestnut Tree 15