Re: Winter 2013/14 - Page 106

Design checklist Helps businesses broaden appeal In a first for the UK, an innovative check-list that helps businesses have the widest possible appeal has been launched by Eastbourne Designed for All (EDA). Based on the principles of Inclusive Design [or Design for All], the checklist provides businesses with a simple and effective means of ensuring that no customer or user is lost because of their inability to use the services or products offered. The check-list follows a year’s research by EDA into the needs of consumers and looks at such areas as whether products are suitably packed, and clearly marked with price, instructions and advice relevant to children, seniors or disabled people. Product display, ease of use of a product and - critically - product design and packaging are also criteria relevant for some. A list of service and services covers such areas as the awareness of staff, being alert to customers’ disabili