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expectations French house prices have dropped by more than 30% since 2008 and some regions now offer between three and four times more space for your money than South East England. Lush countryside, sandy beaches, rambling period properties, an excellent health service and the short Channel hop home (not to mention the food) are just some of the attractions. Yet British homebuyers need to go well-prepared as the property system across the channel is entirely different. Early research can avoid unpleasant surprises. I recently worked on the purchase of an idyllic retreat in Southern France and quickly discovered the access road to the property was across a neighbouring farmer’s land. The farmer turned out to be the cousin of the previous owner and while he had simply left the gate open he wasn’t prepared to extend the courtesy to anyone outside the family. Negotiations with the Mayor led to the opening up of a disused communal road so that vehicles could reach the house and the deal could go ahead. Gîte Find out if planning permission was obtained for improvements to the property You should investigate this before you sign the contract and satisfy yourself that any relevant permissions were obtained. Once you acquire the property you will be liable for any planning issues and problems may arise when it comes to selling. Ask for copies of permissions and “declarations prealables” as well as bills from tradesmen and insurance as some building work comes with a 10year guarantee in France. Popular areas to emigrate to Charente Half-way south and far from the Alps, Charente is warm and sunny with gentle Atlantic breezes. The coastal area of Cherante Maritime enjoys more hours of sunshine than any part of France outside the Mediterranean; however this comes with higher property prices. Go a little further inland and prices come down while average temperatures range from 9°C in December to 25°C in July. The perfect combination of good climate and low cost of living has attracted lots of Brits, which can be a pro or a con depending on your viewpoint! The Cognac liqueur region and a hill climb classic car rally help make Charente a popular tourist area. There are opportunities for running gites and other businesses. There are also some newer industries. Angouleme is famous for high tech animation. Limousin Surrounded by mountains in the centre of France, Limousin offers some of the best value properties in the country. 1܁ɥ́ٔɅѕ ɥѥ̰͠ЁЁ́ɕɅեєͽѕQє́ѱѕȁѡѡU,ЁЁѥ́ݥѕȁݥѠѕɅɕ́Ѽ́Ȁ Qɔɔ܁́ͥѡ͔ɕѕѼɽɕх́ѥ٥䁡̸()9ɵ) ѥհͅ䁉̰͠չͥձ́ɔѽɅѥ́9ɵ丁1 ɥх䰁9ɵéݕѡȁ́ЁѥѼѡЁͽѡɸ%Ё́ѡ屔չͥɕѥٕ䁱܁Ёɽѥ́ѡЁЁձȁɕѥɕЁȁѡ͔ѼѡЁѡȁͅ٥̸]Ѡͥ́́́ݕ́Ʌ݅́ɽ́9ɵ䁥́ѥձɱձȁȁ ɥѽ́Ѽх䁍͔Ѽɥ́䁉() ɕ䁙ȁեɅ)%Ʌ́ɔѕѼͥɅЁ́ͽ́ɥ́ɕ Ʌ́ɔՅ䁑Ʌݸ䁕хє́ѡ䁅ɔ䁉 ׊eٔЁЁЁ͕͔́չѕх́ɔɕٕݸѡ()Uхɕɥх)QɔɔɥЁձ́ݡչ́́ɥљհȰͼ٥Յ́Ёͥ䁍͔ݡѡ݅ЁѼٔѡȁ͕́ѼQ͕́́ѥձȁձѥ́ȁ́ݥѠѕɕQɔɔ݅́ѥѥѡ́ѡ͔́ѡ͔ɔݕݽѠɥɔɽɍ͔́ѡѥ́ɔɔѕѡͅéѡɽ՝ ݅ɐ ᅱ()ȁݸɕ͕ɍ)QɕѕͻeЁȁѡɽѕѥѡхɐ͕ɍ́ѡЁݔٔɔ፡Ʌ̸Q́́́ձɕ䁉ɕȁɅ݅䰁ѽ݅䁽ȁ͕݅ݽɭ́ȁȁ܁ԁݽձeЁѽЁи́ݕٕ́ѥѥɅՍɔɽ̰Ёȁչѕ́ȁݕ́ѡЁ՝Ёɥ́݅䁅ɕ͕ɍɡѕ̰ɕɥѥٕٔ́չɥ̸5ѡЁȁхЁݥѠѡٕ́́ѡ䁅ɔѼݕȁՕѥ́ѡձ()9хɕ́ɔЁͽѽ)%Ʌѡ՝9хɕ́ɔ͕啐ͽѽ̰ѡ䁅ͼЁȁѡхєѼɅ͙ȁ́Ёх̸=9хɔݥՅ䁑ݥѠѡݡɅͅѥѠѥ̸Q䁡ٔѼЁѥ䁉Ё䁅ЁͽѽȁՍѕѼѕȁȁѕɕ́() ɥх)]ѡݕѡˊéٕͥȁѼѡͽѠЁ ɥх䁽́ɽѥ́ѡɕȁȁѥ́ѡͥ锁ȁѡͅ丁%́ѥհѱչͥѡѽɥЁɅɥͬӊéѡȁɕȁє̸͕ͥ%Ё́ѱɔɕєѡ9ɵ䰁ѠȁɅٕɽչɅ役((((((0