Rate Sheet - Page 4

2017-2018 Payment Schedule Choose a payment plan from the following options: One Payment Plan Two Payment Plan Payment Due Date Payment Due Date Full Amount 7/5/17 1st 2nd 7/5/17 2/5/18 Monthly Payment Plan Financial Aid Payment Plan With or Without Automatic Deduction Payment Due Date Payment Due Date 1st 2nd 7/5/17 8/5/17 1st 2nd 9/5/17 10/5/17 3rd 9/5/17 3rd 11/5/17 4th 10/5/17 5th 11/5/17 4th 5th 12/5/17 1/15/18 6th 12/5/17 6th 2/5/18 7th 1/5/18 7th 3/5/18 8th 2/5/18 8th 4/5/18 9th 3/5/18 10th 4/5/18 Online Payment Now Available! To pay online visit our website at: www.universitycourtyard.org. Once on the website, click on, “Forms” then “Online Payment.” You’ll be taken to a secure website to pay from there! Incentives for Returning Residents February 27, 2017 Deadline to choose one of four amazing incentives! You can choose either a Fall Semester Parking Pass, Football Season Tickets, $80 Starbucks Gift Card or $100 Off Your Last Month’s Housing Payment! Also, you can choose your room and roommates. March 27, 2017 Up until this date you can still choose your room and roommates. In addition, if you complete the application online by this date you will receive $25 off your application fee.