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RAPPORT WWW.RECORDINGACHIEVEMENT.AC.UK Issue 1 (2017) problem during the experience? How can I show what my learning process is? Students need training in how to do a research study. An eportfolio can’t be a metacognitive learning space if the evidence available in that space is paltry or unrevealing. It can’t be a metacognitive learning space if the assignment Structure does not lead to good evidence- collecting. “Reflection” in good eportfolio assignments is embedded in the assignment: in order to complete the assignment, students must reflect (reflection is a thought process). “Reflection” is not an add-on later, or only an add-on later (in response to a prompt) – the notion of reflection as primarily an essay in response to a prompt is again making eportfolio into a small word. The Cultural Importance of the Eportfolio Idea In a time when cultural consensus is dissipating, and truth is in dispute, learning how to use evidence to make an argument is an invaluable corrective. Higher education cannot sit back and allow the notion of “truth” to be lost. One kind of truth vital to society is empirical truth. Students must learn what “empirical” means and learn how to conduct an empirical study of their own work. We must graduate students who know the difference between empirical truth and opinion. Using eportfolio in the big-word manner is a core way for students to learn this crucial distinction. The political process often works against empirical truth; advertising sometimes works against empirical truth. Other forces and groups in society champion their own versions of fact and truth. The web offers a thousand variations on the truth of core beliefs. Does the centre hold? Higher education must help students know how to find truths and truth. Higher education must sustain core knowledge and knowledge processes in a society to keep society healthy. Eportfolio as a big idea harnesses the power of the new knowledge ecology in our global culture and is a way to address the dissipation of consensus. References http://edscoop.com/top-10-it-issues-facing-higher- education-in-2017 5