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RAPPORT WWW.RECORDINGACHIEVEMENT.AC.UK Issue 1 (2017) Model Components Career development learning Experience (work and life) Generic skills Possible course response Find ways for students to become more self-aware, identify things they enjoy doing and motivate them. Self-promotional, three- minute video. Explore how such awareness opens career possibilities Mock job interviews or assessment centre experience Guide students in terms of work and wider-life experiences Business consultancy project with real-life client Encourage initiatives like work placement Assessed placement activity (such as presentation) Create an audit of these skills as they apply to students on the course Create and share an e- portfolio Develop an explicit strategy to enhance these skills over the length of the course Additional graduate awards and framework- focused awards (such as HEAR, Lancaster Award and Graduate+) Ensure skills are also embedded across the range of modules Degree subject knowledge, skills and understanding Possible assessment Require students to evidence their development of these skills Additional Professional Qualifications (Microsoft Office Specialist) recognised by institution Find ways for assessment to do more than just give a mark Produce and present a poster Allow students to evidence their subject knowledge and understanding with outcomes and artefacts that can be shown to others Track the performance of an actual company and produce a report Create a digital story uploaded to a social network site Emotional intelligence Recognise the importance of emotional intelligence and articulate this for the course Peer assessment Create own assessment criteria Develop policies to enhance emotional intelligence Table 2 : Assessment for components of the CareerEDGE model 30