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RAPPORT WWW.RECORDINGACHIEVEMENT.AC.UK Issue 1 (2017) Comparison of the purpose of Open Badges across geographic locations shows that use of Open Badges for staff CPD was predominantly focused on the United Kingdom (figure 13) What outcomes are you expecting from the use of badges? 36.70% 0.4 30% 0.3 23.30% 0.2 10% 0.1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Increased motivation within the course 11 Greater employability 7 Recognition of 'softer' skills learned 9 Other 3 (see below for individual responses) - - Figure 13: Global Comparison of Purposes Academics’ use of Open Badges 38 (31%) of respondents have an academic role in their institution. Out of those 38 academics, there are 12 (32%) that are using Open Badges with their students. The 12 academics were asked what the students had to do to achieve the award and the responses fell into two main categories. The first category relates to demonstrating that a competency level has been achieved: • “meet learning outcomes set for a module” • “they need to complete a module of the course, completing all the required tasks” • “each badge has distinct criteria but most of them are for completing practical tasks” The second category relates to a level of participation: • “we also use participation badge and to recognise contribution” • “participate in online discussions, share student made resources, attend seminars, peer review each other” The main outcome that academics were expecting was an increased motivation from their students, and this was closely followed by a recognition of ‘softer’ skills learned. There were 3 ‘other’ responses, one of which was the ‘increased level of mastery of the subject’ (figure 14). - Wider recognition in the institution For participation badges: confirmation of being part of the community Increased level of mastery of the subject Figure 14: Academics’ outcomes from badge use expectations of Of the 12 academics that are using Open Badges, 8 have assessed their students’ opinions on their use. One academic, who is not using Open Badges with students, assessed students’ opinions about badges but felt that the response was sceptical and decided not to proceed. Of the 9 academics who have evaluated students’ opinions of badges, a follow-up question asked what the student response to badges were. The majority of the responses were positive and included: • 75% viewed experience positively (60+ students); • They were very interested, some asked why badges are not used in all courses; • Some students did not understand completely the role of the badges, others state that the use of badges increased their motivation and facilitate their perception of being part of a learning community; • Motivation and interest for something they could use later for finding jobs Pilots 35 respondents said they either have pilots running currently, or have pilots in development. The areas 24