RAPPORT, Volume 2, Issue 1 RAPPORT Issue 1 version4FINALSO - Page 22

RAPPORT WWW.RECORDINGACHIEVEMENT.AC.UK Issue 1 (2017) Figure 4 Purpose of Badge Implementation Main questionnaire After the response from the June 2015 survey, it was clear that a larger investigation of this topic would be useful to the UK HE educational community. The purpose of the survey was to try to attain a greater understanding of the use of Open Badges across educational institutions, and to find out how much of the use was driven by academics or by e-learning teams. There was branching applied to the questionnaire. This allowed for tailoring of the questions dependant on the answers provided: for example, asking academics further questions relating to their use of badges with their students. The distribution of the survey was carried out in the same way as above, but it was also sent out to th PWW&'FfƖWGv&'FR6VG&Rf"&V6&Fp6WfVVBrTU0vW&琤g&6P&WV&Ɩ2b&V@W7G&W7G&ƖFV&@76Ff@6WrV@6W&&6fV7vGW&@&vVF&VvVФ7&FFW6FǐƗFVW66&wV7vVFVGW&WcpBV62V6"V6V6frR7W'fW"&W7FVG36VG'b&vࢆ#2vRB#2&W76W2FFR7W'fWg&#pFffW&VB6VG&W2cCRbFR&W76W2vW&Pg&FRVFVBvFC32RvW&Rg&FP&W7BbWW&RB#"RvW&Rg&WG6FPWW&RfwW&RRpGGwwr&V6&Fv6WfVVB2V#