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RAPPORT WWW.RECORDINGACHIEVEMENT.AC.UK Issue 1 (2017) • differences between regional implementation was of interest. What technologies were being used, or considered, to award the badges to students? Methodology For this research, two separate surveys were conducted. Both surveys were advertised through various Jiscmail listserv mailing lists: • Blackboard users mailing list (BLACKBOARD- USERGROUP@JISCMAIL.AC.UK) • Association of Learning Technologists (ALT- MEMBERS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK) • e-assessment (E- ASSESSMENT@JISCMAIL.AC.UK) • ePortfolio and PDP (PDP-AND-E- PORTFOLIOUK@JISCMAIL.AC.UK) There were two optional questions a. What is the name of your institution? b. What kind of organisation do you work for? Responses to initial survey It was not surprising that the majority (32) of institutions who responded were either not progressing / considering, or at the exploratory stage of badge implementation (Fig 2). Nor was the use of the VLE as the tool to award the badges surprising as most educational institutions have a VLE and the main competitors have an implementation of Open Badges as part of the core product (Fig.3). The planned areas of use for badges was surprising though (Fig.4), with the most popular response being staff CPD (24). It is interesting to compare this figure with the result from our main survey. The link to the survey was also distributed on social media channels, predominantly Twitter. This means that in both surveys respondents were self-selecting and therefore likely to have a higher awareness of Open Badges. Initial Survey The first survey was available from the 23rd to the 29th June 2015. The purpose of this survey was to support internal work within my University through gaining an insight into the use of Open Badges across other UK institutions. 62 responses were received as shown in Fig 1. Higher Education 5 4 UK 46 Further Education 5 Non-UK 8 Adult/Work- Based Learning Provider 1 Unknown 8 Other 2 Figure 2 Stage of Badge Implementation Figure 1. Survey 1 respondents: type of institution and country of origin (n=62) The questionnaire was created using Google Docs and distributed using the methods described above. The questionnaire had three mandatory questions: 1) Can you describe what stage of the implementation of Open Badges you are at? 2) What areas are you considering using Open Badges for? 3) How are you planning to issue the Open Badges? Figure 3 Issuing platform to be used 20