Rap Skool THE FIRST CLASS 2016 - Page 18

When asked about the meaning of his new LP name, Gat$ reponded, "'No L's' is primarily about the paranoia black men feel about mental health and is my take on the braggadocio angle most rappers take by proclaiming 'we'll take no losses'".

Gat$ also said "It's totally narrative driven, yet still relatable to have stand alone songs,". The album is out now.Please go give it a listen!

A very talented artist,

Gat$ (formerly known as Gatsby) has made a name for himself here in Tampa for his solid bodies of work and high level of witty lyricism. Various projects such as "Starship Jericho" have created a big buzz for this artist but his newest project, the "By Any Dreams" LP may be his best one yet.