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Whatever your project, we can also get you started by stripping your metal down to bare, degrease, blast to SA 2.5 and ready for paint. From wet painting to powder coating we give our full dedication in all types of painting services. With dedicated workmanship and inspection at various stages we deliver the highly aesthetic and good surface protection to the metals

Renewable energy is the need of the hour and we provide tailor made solutions to customers which suits their requirement with detailed Geo technical investigations and cost effective solutions. Especially this is not considered as our business rather we see this as service to our mother nature

We also provide highly reliable services such as Machining and fabrication with robust infrastructure and quality professionals which makes us capable of delivering reliable services that match to the specific requirements of clients requirements of all services under one roof.

We continuously invest in Research and Development to innovate Energy saving products which reduce the usage of Electricity and serves the purpose or need of the customer which in turns serves mother nature by reducing the emissions caused during generation of electricity