Raise Vegan September 2018 Raise Vegan (2) - Page 8

RV. COMMUNITY @kimberleybeese @mrs_vegan @theplantpoweredparents @sweetbeatsligo @vegan.cn TAG US IN YOUR INSTAGRAM PICS WITH #RAISEVEGAN FOR A CHANCE TO BE FEATURED! Instagram Poll TOP HEADLINES AT RAISEVEGAN.COM 1. A Plant Based Vitamin For Every Trimester @RaiseVegan 2. Vegan Pumpkin Spice Lattes Coming To Starbucks 3. India Launches A Government Support- ed Vegan Ice Cream 4. BOCA Announced They’re Releasing A Vegan Turkey Burger GET MORE RAISE VEGAN Sign up at RaiseVegan.com for our free newsletter for the current vegan parenting news! 8 Raise Vegan SEPTEMBER 2018 “I found the health implications of a vegan lifestyle very educational and there are certain- ly elements of it that I would like to reproduce. As I mentioned before, I love the parenting styles. I am a fan of attachment parenting (breastfeeding where possible/baby wearing/ positive reinforcement) and those practices shone through whilst reading. I discovered health advice that I will be heeding and books I will be sharing with my Monkeys.” @itsmycircusblog