Raise Vegan September 2018 Raise Vegan (2) - Page 56

Paging Paisley Dear Paisley, My husband is extremely supportive of how I’m choosing to parent our son, from our dietary and lifestyle choices to co-sleeping he’s all for it. However, his family doesn’t understand our choices and he doesn’t stand up for me when they start in with the nasty comments. It has gotten to the point where I don’t want my baby to be around them if I’m not there (my husband takes him over to see them once or twice a month) but I don’t want to be subjected to that kin d of treatment, either. What should I do?? How can I get my husband to stand up for me? Paisley Andersson Licensed Life Coach and Nutritionist @aveganmom 56 Raise Vegan SEPTEMBER 2018 Sincerely, In Need of Support