Raise Vegan September 2018 Raise Vegan (2) - Page 4

Contents September 2018 RV. SHARE RV. RV. INFORMATIVE 8. Community 30. Dr. Kevin Jenkins Interview 28. Post-Pregnancy Body 31. Before & After With The Chocolate Vegan 44. Vitamin D Considerations for Vegan Kids FAMILY LIFESTYLE The Host of The Cool Podcast 11. 2018 October Vegan Events “Let’s Change The Conversation” 12. Horoscopes Meet The Vegan Dad Who’s Had An Incredible Transformation 13. School Snack Guide 37. Choosing The Right Doctor For Your Child Navigating Your Search For A Pediatrician 58. Potato & Corn Chowder Recipe Fall Favorite Chowder 56. Paging Paisley Dealing With Negativity and Getting Support From Your Partner 32. Lindsay Rubin Interview V-Dog Director of Operations What You Need To Know About Vitamin D 48. Autism & What To Look For Signs That Your Child May Be On The Spectrum 51. Breakfast Cereals Contaminated With Carcinogen Find Out If Your Child’s Cereal Is On The List 58. Animal Shelter Guide How To Tell If Your Animal Shelter Is A+ 52. Vegan Beauty The Best Highlighters 34. Eric Adams The Brooklyn Borough President Who’s Making A Plant-Based Diet Mainstream 15. 5 Best Baby Carriers Our List Of The Best Carriers 16. School Snacks The Raise Vegan Guide To Allergy Friendly Snacks For This School Year 22. Party Like A Vegan The Birthday Party Menu That Will Please Everyone! ON R E V O C THE Cover Photo Credit: Erica Sherman Brooklyn BP’s Office 4 Raise Vegan SEPTEMBER 2018 38. Coming Out: A Four Part Series Helping Parents Understand What Their Child Is Telling Them, How To Support & Find Resources 46. The Vegan Doctor Epidurals: What To Expect