Raise Vegan September 2018 Raise Vegan (2) - Page 38

COMING OUT A four part series intended to help parents understand what their child is telling them, how to support them, and where to find the resources they need. Join us as we explore the world of harm reduction, conversion therapies and stigma. Raise Vegan is able to bring you this series with the help of Lindsey Pembrooke (they/ them), who has been involved in the New Haven Pride Center since 2016 and joined the Center’s Board of Directors this year. In addition to co-coordinating the Transgender Adult Support Group at the New Haven Pride Center, they are a trained group facilitator with PFLAG.org (plfag.co.uk) and active in support groups around the state and online. If you are non-binary or the parent of a non-binary child, you can find their support group on Facebook: Non-Binary Gender Pride. Join us in the series of ‘Coming Out’ in upcoming issues of Raise Vegan 38 R a by i s Janet e V Kearney e g a n SEPTEMBER 2018