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C hoosing The Right Pediatrician By Hayley Rodemsky @babyrodemsky You put forth an incredible amount of effort in choosing the best obstetrical match. Maybe you found it to be a bit like dating, going on countless first dates until you finally formed a connection and could begin to build your relationship and strengthen your bond. Now you’re in your third trimes- ter and have another important decision to make, choosing your child’s pediatrician. The best rec- ommendation you can get is from friends or family members you trust that have personally seen the doctor. Alternativ ely, you can ask for recommendations in your local parenting group. When you meet with a prospective pediatri- cian, don’t rush through the in- terview and make sure to express any concerns. Explain your vegan lifestyle, ask a lot of questions, and be attentive to their respons- es. It is important to check all po- tential pediatrician’s credentials, which are usually hung on their office walls, but do your research. Google will also provide you with patient reviews, educational back- ground, and awards. Pediatricians must go through the necessary training, which includes medical school, as well as at least three years of residency in pediatrics or family medicine. A board certi- fied pediatrician must take the American Board of Pediatrics or American Board of Family Med- icine assessment. It’s important to remember that credentials are just pieces of paper. You must feel comfortable with the doctor you’ve chosen and if you have any hesitations, keep looking. Following a strictly vegan diet is against many doctors’ recom- mendations, so as a plant-based family, it is important to find a pediatrician that actively supports your family’s lifestyle. Do not compromise your beliefs or your level of comfort just because you think a certain doctor is the most qualified option. There is a perfect match for every family out there, a medical soulmate freeing you from the proverbial dating game, so don’t give up! RAISEVEGAN.COM Raise Vegan 37