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L indsay oversees many aspects of the com- pany including, but not limited to, ensur- ing that V-Dog is on the best trajectory for growth, that their marketing aligns with their mission and values, and most importantly, that they stay true to their core beliefs. RV: What is V-Dog and how did this amazing company come to be? Meet Lindsay Rubin The Director of Operations at V-Dog, the entirely vegan, plant- based dog food company. Lindsay: V-Dog was started by our late founder, Dave Middlesworth, in 2005. With a passion for social justice and animal rights, Dave and his wife, Linda, set out to create a new product that the dog food industry desperately needed. He felt that the options on the market weren’t quite what he wanted to feed their two rescue pitbull’s, Pandy and Sparky, and they figured out a way to create a plant-based product that fell in line with their personal beliefs. Since the beginning, Dave’s original vision of prioritizing nutrition for dogs and saving animals is still our number one goal. RV: What makes V-Dog stand out from other dog food options? Lindsay: We have been on a mission to provide healthy, delicious, entirely plant-based food for dogs. As a team of vegans and animal lovers, everything we create has animal welfare in mind. We never use animal products, and, of course, no factory farming. The ingredients in our prod- ucts are complete and well-balanced. Our vegan kibble is not only nourishing for dogs, but gentle on the earth’s resources, making our products better for pooch and planet. Our kibble is 24% protein, powered mainly by peas, which makes it not only great for all dogs, but excellent for sensitive and allergy-prone pups, too. Lindsay shared with Raise Vegan that V-Dog has also just expanded internationally under the name “V-Planet”, so keep an eye out for more amazing vegan-friendly products for your pups! You can find V-Dog products on Amazon, Chewy.com, and V-Dog.com. Lynda Landaverde “We like to keep it simple. If there’s a food that my dogs love the taste of that provides all of the nutri- ents they need without killing other animals, I’m going to choose that option.”-Lindsay Rubin Senior Editor, Raise Vegan Inc. B.A. in English Lit. from California State University Northridge @theplantbasedmommy RAISEVEGAN.COM Raise Vegan 33