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P hillip’s incredible journey started in 2013 when he tore both his ACL and MCL; his injuries sparked a life-changing conversation with his sister and brother-in-law about plant-based diets. Weigh- ing in at over 400 pounds and still eating mostly meat, dairy and fast food, he began inte- grating plant-based foods into his diet to help speed up his recovery. As a bonus, he starting shedding weight at an alarming speed. Within three months of eating plant based he lost 60 pounds, “I was blown away by the results so I kept going. After 10 months, I managed to lose 200 pounds, which equates to 20 pounds per month. I was in shock,” said Henderson. What’s unique about the Hen- derson’s diet is that they are raw vegans, eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables in their natural state while actively building and maintaining mus- cle. They’ve chosen this life- style because eating delicious, calorie-dense fruit smoothies and huge vegetable salads with savory homemade dressings makes them feel amazing. There are a lot of misconcep- tions about following a raw vegan diet, but Phillip has a concise explanation for those who are not familiar with the concept, “I want people to know that every vitamin and miner- al can be obtainable from raw foods. I eat the same things, for the most part, as plant-based foodies do. I just don’t cook the food. I also want people to know that all sugars aren’t the same. Fruits contain all natural sugar and they have all the other nutritional values that we need to thrive.” Phillip Henderson “The Chocolate Vegan” Co-Founder Of Fruit Muscle Fitness Phillip and his wife, Indica Henderson, are rais- ing their three adorable children on a mostly raw vegan diet, as well, “I think raising vegan is the best because it teaches kids compassion and love. The kids love it. They feel good and they know they aren’t a part of the cruel treatment that these animals have to go through,” said Henderson. If you’d like to learn more about flourishing on a raw vegan diet or building your own “fruit muscles”, check out fruitmusclefitness.com and follow them on Instagram @thechocolatevegan, @fruitmusclefitness, and @Indica.Henderson. Siri Steven thevegansteven.com @thevegan.steven @thevegansteven33