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After this initial friendly nudge into the lifestyle, he read two books that empowered him to kick the meat habit: Dick Gregory’s, “Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat: Cookin’ With Mother Nature,” and “Diet For A Small Planet,” by Francis Lappe. In 2013, Jenkins made the transition to veganism and be- came a lifestyle coach. “Under the tutelage of Victoria Moran, I received my certifications from the Main Street Vegan Academy as a vegan lifestyle coach and educator,” said Jenkins. “From there, I went on to complete my studies at the T. Colin Campbell School for Nutrition Studies through Cornell University, receiv- ing a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition.” Get to Know Dr. Kevin Jenkins, the host of the hit vegan podcast, “The Cool,” on BlogTalkRadio. @DrKevinLJenkins Founded in May of 2016, the podcast is dedicated to bringing its listeners information and ideas to educate, inspire, and pro- mote a vegan, plant-based lifestyle. Jenkins spends each epi- sode interviewing fellow vegans, “I have interviewed medical doctors, animal rights activists, civil rights activists, magazine editors, chefs, pediatricians, triathletes, fashion trendsetters, an MMA fighters, musicians, and even a presidential candidate. They all have one thing in common,” said Jenkins, “the pro- motion of the vegan lifestyle. They all rally around the call to create a world where everyone is fed, enjoys abundant health, and no animals are slaughtered for food or fashion.” Jenkins’ journey into a plant-based diet first began back in 1974 when a coworker introduced him to a vegetarian diet. 30 Raise Vegan SEPTEMBER 2018 With t