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6 WEEK NUTRITION COURSE Week One: Introduction To Nutrition Whole Food Plant Based Basics. Understanding Energy Balance and BMR [Basal Metabolic Rate] Understanding TDEE [Total Daily Energy Expenditure] New to Veganism, 7 Essential Supplements To Consider Week Two: Pregnancy Join a unique community of people looking to improve their well-being through a plant- based diet. This is a supportive space to ask the questions that have bouncing around your mind. Raising a family is never simple, with little ones you need to encourage them to make healthy choices and it’s hard to balance a busy schedule with the demands of day to day life. The group JUST ASK THE DIETITIAN makes your day a little easier. No appointments need- ed, no changing your plans to find time to get into the office, we’ve brought the dieitian right to you on Facebook. All questions will be thro- uroughly researched by our registered dieti- tians, and answered within 24 hours. Let this become your space, share your triumphs, your struggles, and get the information you need with the weekly meal plans, PDFs, & videos. Increasing Your Caloric Intake: How To Calculate The Calories You Need And How Much Protein To Consume During Pregnancy. B12 Studies On Pregnancy & Fetus. Calculating Your Water Intake Needs, & Tips For Increasing Intake. Folate, Iron, And Calcium Needs While Pregnant. Prenatal Supplements: The Importance Of Supplementing. Healthy Fats And Omega 3. Week Three: Breastfeeding Caloric Intake Needs When Breastfeeding. Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D Requirements. Importance Of Consuming Omega 3 And DHA. Mastitis & How To Recognize It. Tongue Ties & Other Issues For Breastfeeding Moms. Foods That Increase Milk Production. Week Four: Infancy Baby Led Weaning. Gagging Versus Choking. First Foods & How To Prepare Them. Nutrients, Iron, & Supplements For Babies. Balance Between Food & Milk For Growing Babies. New Research Available: A Variety Of Foods & A Diverse Palate. Allergies & The AAP Guidelines When Introducing Food. Week Five: Toddlers Healthy Fats & How To Replace Dairy In The Diet. How Often They Should Eat & High Calorie Foods. Caloric Needs Of Toddlers, How To Calculate. ‘The Picky Stage’: How To Approach It, Foods & Supplements Until They Are Through It. Vitamins: What They Need And At What Ages. Supplement Recommedations. Week Six: Finale of Information Protein Myths About Plants & Animal Products How To Make Healthy Eating Habits While At The Grocery Store. How To Read A Nutrition Facts Label How To Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels 28 Day Guide On Healthy Eating & Recipes. RAISEVEGAN.COM Raise Vegan 19