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RV. OCTOBER EVENTS 1.2.3. 4.5.6. 7.8. 9. @crueltyfreemommy Kimberly Laboca Social Media Coordinator OCTOBER 5-7 OCTOBER 7 OCTOBER 12- 14 Ubud Vegan Festival, Ubud, Bali. GR VegFest, Grand Rapids, MI. Canggu Vegan Festival, Canggu, Bali. Don’t miss your chance to visit this truly peaceful paradise and sample an array of local vegan dishes. Vendors from the surrounding area will be selling goods and foods that will leave you feeling like an earth-conscious shopper! The second largest city in Michigan will be hosting it’s fourth annual Veg Fest! Get inspired by guest speaker Dr. Mil- ton Mills, featured in the documentary, “What The Health”, and then swing by a few cooking demonstrations while you’re there! Come for the beaches, stay for the food! Vis- it this surfer’s paradise and enjoy the many vegan restaurants and juice bars the village has to offer! OCTOBER 20 OCTOBER 20-21 OCTOBER 21-222 Lowcountry VegFest, Hilton Head Island, SC Portland VegFest, Portland, OR Boston Veg Food Fest, Boston, MA This Veg Fest is not to be missed! In addition to the delicious vegan cuisine options and cruelty-free merchandise, the outstanding vegan boxing champion, Cam F Awesome, will be one of the featured guest speakers! Oregon’s premier vegan food and lifestyle event! Visit the urban mecca of eco-friendly public transportation and take part in a variety of activities for all ages! Sample free food, visit over 100 vendor booths, check in with vegan chefs, and watch cooking demos, listen to the guest speak- ers, and enjoy kids activities at this exciting festival! OCTOBER 27 SEPTEMBER 28 - 30 SEPTEMBER 28 - 30 Central Florida Veg Fest, Orlando, FL VegFest UK London, London, UK Vegan Festival, Adelaide, Australia Come and celebrate Orlando’s 13th annual Veg Fest and explore educational booths, watch the parades, and discover amazi [ۜ[[ۙHXHBHH[[X[][X\X][[[X[[X\Y\[\YBܛ\ˈY\RۙۋۙۋR H[Y[\ۙ]K[Yܘ[x&\[[\ L^YX\[Y[X]\\ۙHوHX]\YY\XZ\H\H[HHYH[HوX]KBY\܈H[\H[Z[H[Y[]H]\Xݙ\ H[ܜ[ Hؘ[]\\[ܛX][ۘ[[[HY\XHHY[ZYx&\Y[\][[\[[X]\]\HX]وHY[Y\[HH\™[Z[KYY[H][[Y\Y[[ۈY[[ZH