Raise Vegan September 2018 Raise Vegan (2) - Page 10

SCORPIO OCTOBER 24 - NOVEMBER 22 This month your emphasis will be on family matters and psychological security. The southern sector of the horo- scope is more powerful than the northern sector. Scorpios can keep away career concerns for the time being as you have achieved enough professional development. The eastern half of the chart is crowded with more than 80 per cent of the planets this month and this makes you more dominant and aggressive. You are dictating the progress of your life, and are not bothered if others are not willing to cooperate. There is no need for flexibility and because of planetary influences others are willing to go with Scorpio zodiac sign this month. Presence of Ruler Planet, Mars in your 7th House this month gives you overwhelming power in addition to your own inherent strength. You should not hurt others with your excessive aggression and you should take care to be more considerate and kind to others. You should curb your tendencies to be quarrelsome, uncouth and brash. You have to put your best foot forward to suc- ceed in your profession. Involvement with philanthropic organizations will enhance your career prospects. SAGITTARIUS NOVEMBER 23 - DECEMBER 21 Career and outer success will dominate over family and emotional issues this month. This is due to the fact that planetary strength is located in the northern sector of the horoscope. In addition, two powerful planets are present in the House of Career. Your ambitions are at its peak and you want to go up the career and social ladder. You want more authority in your hand to serve the society. Right now the family and emotional matters have reached a stalemate and you can hardly do anything about them. You will divert your energies to assist other families. More than 80 per cent of the planets are in the eastern half of the chart and Your Ruler Planet, Jupiter is in forward momentum. This gives you the power to have things in life the way you want. Sagittarius personality can command situations and people to follow your course. You are not depending on social charm or adaptability. Domestic challenges and career disturbances can be easily handled by you as you have the extra zing to deal with them. RV. ASTROLOGY LIBRA SEPTEMBER 24 - OCTOBER 23 Family interests and emotional security will be vital this month as the planetary power is located in the southern sector of the horoscope. After the 23rd almost all the planets are there and you will be completely engrossed in family and psychological issues. More than 60 per cent of the planets are in the eastern half of the chart. Thus your assertiveness and free-will will guide your life. You are not dependent on social skills or others to attain your targets in life. Adaptability and collabor ][ۈ\B\]Z\Y[XH\ۘ[]H[[H]XKB[ۜ[\Z[ˈ\H[\H\X[HYZ[[\[[Y[[\X\^H]HH[X[[ٛܛH[H[H]\ۈ[]\\[۝܈\ۘ[X\\H[XHXXYۈ\H[Z[š]H[ [H\H\[ۈ\ۘ[^\Y\X\[][\H[X[\ X[X˜\H]X]\\[۝ [H[][[X\\H۝ݙ\Y\[Y˂UTTTPԓSRSBTUPTUT”TTŒLPPTH  HPT [\\Y\[\\[ܛHX\[H[\\[۝ []\H[\ۘ[]Y[Bܝ\X܈وHܛK[H]H[XYHZ[\Hو[\[Z[H\Y\[ܚYۈ[\[[[ۘ[\[۞K\\]Hܚۈٙ\[ۘ[][ BY[ []\H\\[ܙH[H\\[قH\\[۝ [Y][ۋ[\[] \[B\[ݚ[X\ \XZ\\[H[Z\[\\H[ܚ]Hݙ\[\\ۘ[[X][ۜˈ\š\H[YH܈\\[[\[\\\]Z\\B\ܝو\]Z[\]ˈ[H[[H] BX][ۜˈ[XY [H[Y\[\[]X][ۜ˂X[[H[X]H[H ܙوH[۝ [BYZ[[\[\H][Y\][X[[\ݙ\˂[H[[\X[H][[][ۜ][\\H[X[۝XY]YX][ۋY][[^][ۋZ\HY[TSPT NTQT“PT H HTS \[۝[\\\[Hۈ\Y\[]\B[X][ۜ\[]\H][ܛY[Hܝ\X܈وHܛK[H\]Z\HH[و\[HX\\[\[ˈ[]\H\\˜ۘ[]Y[H\\[وH\[\[ܘH[HYZ[[\\X]\HوYܙ\[ۋ\\H[\ܝ[[Z\[\HZ\XY[B[\\ۘ[[\\ˈ[H]HHYH^XH[Y\[H[]X][ۜ]Z[[\[XKB[ۜˈ\Y\\[]]HH[[ۜو\[\˜XZ[H]\ۈ[]\[H[H˜HH]\[[HܘH[ˈ]\[\\Y\[][H[ܝ\[[HY\H ܙ[[Y\[\\Y\[X][ۜˈX[\YXYH^[[[H ܙ[Y\]][H؛[X]Xˈ\Y] \[[[[[ۘ[X[[[\ݙH[\[Z[˂TS H HPVH B[\ܙ\\[ۈ\\H[]\H\\^\]H[H\\X܈وHܛH\›[۝ \[H[Z\[\\\H[ܙH[\ܝ B[[[\ۋ]\\XXYۈ]HY\œ[H[ۙ][ۜX\H\[X[HYZ[[\[X\H]\K\H\XH܈[X\\][\˜[Y\[\\H[H[۝و\[X\ N ]\\Y\[\[H[وY]و\˜[Z\[[[ۜˈ\[[[HX\\[\[X][ۜX\ٝ[K]\Y\X\BZ[[\^HX]\Hو[\X[ۛX[ۜ[X]]Y\ˈ[\X[[Hۙ\[Y]B[۝ Y\H M X[[H[\ݙYH\ܝ B[^\\H[X[HY]Y\\ˈY\[ž[\[[[ۘ[X[[ܙ\H][X\[[][ۜ][Z[HY[X\[X[[ܙX]]BX]]Y\[[\X[\\PSPT HSPTH \Y\[]\X\\Y[[[Hݙ\[Z[B[\\[[[[ۘ[X]\\[۝ \\YBHX][]\H\\ۘ[]Y[Bܝ\X܈و[\ܛKXZܚ]HوH[]˜\HY[HX\\[وH\\[۝ \Xܛ\H[ܙH[\[[ZHX[ۜ[X\\Z\[X][ۜˈ[H[Xۈ[\[X[HYܛ][]YX\Y\[H\H[B[H܈]X][ۜˈYY܈Y\X[]H[[H[ZYH[\^HX\ۈ[\ۋ\[[B[HوX[X[]H[[\X[ۜ[[H[B\Y[[[\\X [\]\H\\Hۙ[H ܙ Y[[^[[Z\XY[ZX\Y\\›[۝ ][ܝ[]Y\\HZ[[\^H[[B[XZH\Hو[HY[\X[\Z][KSPTH H HPPTH NBH\\[\[۝[Hۈ\Y\[ܛBX\ˈ\\X]\H[ܙH[ \[وH[B]\H[Hܝ\X܈وHܛK[\[Z[B[[[[ۘ[YZ\\H[HXܛ[[[H\B]\[[\][[ۈ܈H[\Hو[Z[Y\و B\ˈX\\[وH\\XZ[[ܙHZ[[ݙ\H\Y\H و\[X\ N \]\\]X\]\XXYۈ[ܙHۙY[H[Yܙ\[ۋ[[H[]Z[[\[\\[\\\ˈ\\B[HX\H[[H\HHX\\و[\X[ۜ˂]\[\X[ۜ]HH[[\Y\H[[H[[\H[X[HڙX\[\[\[] \[\\]ܘYK[H[XXHXZ[[\ٙ\[ۈ\[۝ [H\H[YHHܝ\[ݙ[Y[و][\\Y\[]ۈH M \[]H[H\]H][\ٙ\[ۘ[[X][ۜ˂S’SH  HUQT ‘[Z[H[[[[ۘ[\XوYHZHXY[Bݙ\ٙ\[ۘ[X]\[]\X\ˈ\š\X]\H[]\H[\[Y[\[B]\X܈و[\ܛH\[۝ [][˜ۘ\Y]YHX\\Z\[[ݘKB[ۜ[\ܙ\[\\[]\H\\™ܘYX[H[ܙX\[[H\\[وH\[\[X\\\HXZ[[\ܝ[[[\X\\[ۈZ\\ܝ [H]HH^XB[Y\[\[ۙ][ۜ[[K\\˜YZ[[\\XZ] ][\XY][Y[\[ۈ\X܋[ZY[\[\HXH]Z[Z\ۙ\ۘ[]H[[ݙHZXY[YK[H[]HH\ܝو[\[Z[HY[X\[Hܛو[\\Y\X[[Hۙ\[\[۝ [\X[[] ]\\][\X B\[][^\[X[؛[\[YXBۜY\XK[\]\[\و\X[]\\]\[[\[[][]H\[\\TUQT  HTSPT ‘[\\\[Hۈ[Z[H\Y\[[[[ۘ[[\[۝\[ܙH[ \[وB[]\H[H]\X܈وHܛK\Y\[ܛH[X][ۜ[H][\ܝ B[܈\\Yۋ[]\H[\[ܙH[HX\\[وH\ [\XZ\[H[ܙBۙY[[\\]H[]Z[[[\\]ˈ[\ۙY[H[]Z[[\]HH[\[K\H\YY܈H\HوX[ܘXH[^X[]H܈\[\[X\ N ]\[\Yܙ\[ۈ[H[\\YHH]ܘYHو[\[\[] Y\H \[XZH[H\Y[[[\X[ۜˈ[H[][ܝ[]H]HBH][\\ۘ[[X][ۜ[ܛ][]HB][HوX[ۋ\[۝ [H[H\HYB\XY]Hٙ\[ۘ[ܛ][\[\BY[Y[ [\ۈ\Y\\][\ܝ[\›[۝ [\X[[H^[ܙ[\H[[\B][[H][[\[۝ PVH HSH B[Z[HYZ\[XX[X[[H[\\[۝ []\H[\YH[ܙH[B]\X܈وHܛH[[H\Y\[H\ۈHX\\[]\H\\›ݙ\[Z[Hۘ[]Y[H\\[وB\\[۝ [\Yܙ\[ۈ[H[[H\B\[[ۈ[\X[[ˈ\[Z\[\B[H[\ܝ[[\ۘ[[X][ۜ[\[X\ N [Z[\]HY\[\[\]X][ۜ˜[[HY^H[]Z[Z\[ˈ[H[\ܝ\Y\و\Y[\ۈ\Y\\[›\K[H[]H]\[]\H[[B[]Z\\ܝ\\[\\Y\\[X\ܙX\[X]HX[[H ܙ Y\H ܙ [\[\H][YHH\ܘ][ۈܚY[[][ˈ[H[[\ݙH[\X[H]\Z[[Y][KBYX][ۈوHKXZ[Z[[[\Y[[X[[Y[\[Z[˂STSH HSH –[\X[YH[XYH\[\[۝[[\X\\[ۈ\ˈH\\X܈وBܛH\[Y][][HH ܙ[B[][H\K[H][H\[H^HH]\Y[H\H[\[H\[[ۈ\܈]\KB[[\[X\ N [H\H[[\Y[]H[[\XK\\HX][[\Y][X[ۜ˂[\\ۘ[]H\\\X]HZHX\[ۜ[XY\YHX[][ˈ[H\H\[[\[YHHZ[ZH[HY\[Y][[˜ۜY\][ۈYܙHZ[HX\[ۋ[\]\[œ[\ܙ\ˈX[[H\\[H ܙ Y\] [H\]Z\H[ܙHXZ[\ X[[H[\ݙYHX[HY][H\[ۈXBX[\[\ˈX\[\KX\Y\܈X\\\BX\]Y\[[[[XZ[Z[[[\X[