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October 2018 Issue 11 EDITOR IN CHIEF Claire Chartrand “Share What You Or The Kids Will Be For Halloween This Year!” CREATIVE DIRECTOR Emily L Wood SENIOR EDITOR Janet Kearney ASSOCIATE EDITORS Julie Nealon Lynda Landaverde EXECUTIVE COORDINATOR Aoife Sheridan “ Ti gre ss from Kung Fu Panda” -K.L. SOCIAL MEDIA Kim Laboca Alex Daraio-Garrett PUBLIC RELATIONS Merrie Pedersen Ree Tomasek “ My s on h a s b e e n a monkey e ve r y ye a r s o far, prob ably ke eping the tra di ti on al ive !” -E.W. TRANSLATION “I’m ge tting Ro ckford Pe a che s Uniforms for the girls , my husb and wants to b e C o a ch D u ggan . -L.R. “We’ve go t a s up e rhe ro ove r he re ! ” -M.A. Michelle Alvarado CONTRIBUTORS Kate Timmins Siri Steven Dr. Rebecca Jones GP Allison Lellos INHC, CIHC Paisley Andersson Liv Lundelius Hayley Rodemsky Emily Kru Lauren Panoff MPH, RD Darcy Reeder Lindsay Robeson Emily Fowler Heather Stadler Get In Touch “ The 4 - ye a r- ol d wi ll b e a Tra ns forme r Ankyl o s aur us ( mi ght b e a bi t dis a pp oi nte d whe n he re al i z e s he c a n’t re ally tra ns form ) a nd my 1 8 - month - ol d . . . C hucky! ” . -A.DG. “ B aby Ja ck Ja ck from the Inc re di bl e s !” For U.S. advertising inquiries please contact clairedeveraux@raisevegan.com and for international advertising inquiries please contact kate@raisevegan.com . -L.L. Please send all subscription requests to inquiries@raisevegan.com PO BOX 4243, 55 Gerard St Huntington, NY 11743 RaiseVegan.com RAISEVEGAN.COM Raise Vegan 7