Raise Vegan October 2018 Raise Vegan - Page 58

Vegan Family Spotlight The Simpson Family To all the vegan parents out there, Danielle wants you to know that you’re doing a great job! “What we are doing con- nects us all and it’s a beautiful thing, we are changing the world one meal, one social media post, one conversation at a time. We have this incredible gift and responsibility of raising the next generations and we are equipped with the knowledge and and the voice to make a difference!” Follow Danielle and her family’s journey on Instagram @our.vegan.nest Meet Danielle and Ryan Simpson, and their three girls, Emma, Isabelle, and Nora! They are raising vegan in Vancouver Island, Canada, where they also own a small-scale animal sanctuary. In June, the family of five celebrated two years of being vegan. What began as a move towards a healthier diet ultimately became a lifestyle change to better the lives of animals and the environment. After watching the documentary “Forks Over Knives,” they purchased a few vegan cookbooks and after a couple weeks on a plant-based diet, they were hooked. When it comes to raising vegan kids, what’s not to love?! Danielle and Ryan love having the ability to teach their children how to embrace their natural compassion and love for animals. It has also given them the opportunity to teach their kids about the value of food: how important it is to reduce waste, the power of being able to grow their own food, and how nutritious plants are. No matter how one chooses to raise their children, there are always hardships. Raising vegan is no exception. Danielle said the only real challenge they have encountered is feeling a lack of normalcy, kids can feel like the odd ones out when they are at parties and the table is filled with animal products. It can be difficult for children to understand why their friends get to eat certain foods, especially at fun gatherings where there are a lot of things going on. Showing up prepared with vegan options is one way the family navigates tricky food situations. Not only does it provide cruelty-free snacks for the children, but it almost always opens a conversation about veganism and allows them to share their experience. One of their dinner time family favorites is mac ‘n’ cheese, Danielle makes a “cheese” sauce with cauliflower, plant milk, turmeric, nutritional yeast, salt, garlic and onion. All three of their girls gobble it up! 58 Raise Vegan OCTOBER 2018 “I can’t imag- ine teaching our children to love one animal but eat anoth- er. if we can encourage this type of uncondition- al love and acceptance - won’t we be raising a better generation?”