Raise Vegan October 2018 Raise Vegan - Page 54

FACE No Nasties, as the name suggests, this is a clean and green brand that makes really fun play makeup, face paints and hair chalk for kids. These are perfect for younger children and great to play with all year round. Made in Australia, but available for worldwide shipping, this is a win- ner if your little ones are color obsessed. EYES Johnny Concert is a luxury makeup line of professional quality, so it’s great all year round, not just Halloween. Why I wanted to list it here is because they have a wonderful assortment of glitter, sparkles, and also very bright and intense colors, which can be hard to find in a natural makeup brand. Eye shadows can of course be used anywhere on the face or body. Get creative. You can use a damp makeup brush for extra intensity and even use it to apply darker colors as an eyeliner. My favorite black mascara is Ere Perez Waterproof but you should try Zuii Organic if you’re looking for fun, unexpected colors. LIPS Axiology is a vegan luxury lipstick brand that also offers some very un- usual colors, like deep purples and blues and beautiful shimmers along with more wearable and neutral shades. Fra Lippo Lippie is another really fun brand with highly pigmented col- ors that can be used on lips and cheeks. The range is bright yet wearable with reds, nudes and pinks. I typically specialize in natu- ral-looking makeup styles with glowing skin and earthy tones, but it &\[ܘ^H[]ܙX]]B]܈]\Hٝ[][Y[Y\[Bܛ\H\X\Y[]B]\H\ X[Y\ [[]X[XܙX]H[XZ]\܈HH[Z[K]8&\ۛHHX]\و[YH[[^Bۈ]Y\^YK[\\[\[XZ]\[\܂XHZ[ H\[Y[[و\Hۋ]X[X]\H]X[[YH\BۈY[Y[[ZK]\Hٙ\[ۘ[[\][ۘ[XZ]\\\[ܙY[X]]B^\\Y[Y^H]\[XKXX[^[[ܝY[KYYHXZ]\[[\HXH[XX\ܚ[XZ]\X\B\\\\[\ۛYHو[][ܙ[X[X]]Y[ \[Z[x&\ܙY[][\^HۈZ\]YHXY˂MZ\HY[БT NRS‘܈\Y[ܛۋ]\HX[Y[ۙHوHX[\Z[\[\[ Y[H\ۈ^K܈H\H[Hو[ܜ]]H\Y\ˈH]X[]H\[\X˂[\][\[H]ٙ\HYH\Y]Hوܜ\X“ZX[ZH]Z[\\˂]\H]و\HX[\[Y[[Hܙ[[[]]][ܜHX][H\H[ܙYY[[[\Y]X