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RV. SHARE Contents OCTOBER 2018 6. Editor’s Note RV. INFORMATIVE 8. Community 22. Surviving The Newborn Phase Our Guide to Help You Through 10. Horoscopes 32. Body Positivity 13. November ‘18 Events Say Goodbye to the Term “Post-Baby Body” 16. Vegan Halloween Recipes 39. Coming Out Series 19. The Frost Family’s Red Thai Curry Recipe 44. Dr. Natalie Santiago From Monami’s, “Vegan Home Cook- ing With Monami Frost” 20. Costco Goes Vegan New Vegan Options Hit Costco’s Menu 21. Vegan Food UK Who is Leelah Alcorn? We Talk With the Chicago-Based Vegan Pediatrician 46. Plant-Based Protein Great Sources of Protein for Plant-Powered Kids RV. FAMILY LIFESTYLE Where to Bond With Fellow Vegan Foodies 24. Mom Guilt 21. The Veggie Connection 28. Keeping Animals Safe During Fireworks Plant-Based Networking Events in CA & GA 56. Paging Paisley Suriving Your In-Laws The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself Our Expert Shares Information That Could Save Your Animal’s Life 51. Top 5 Bedtime Stories The Best Books for Your Nighttime Routine 58. Vegan Family Spotlight Meet the Simpsons 59. Friendly Follows Vegan Instagrams to Follow 34. The Frost Family Meet the Family Building a Vegan Empire 14. The Best Vegan Halloween Candy Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With the Best Vegan Halloween Candies Around 16. Defending Your Choices It’s Not a Trick, the Vegan Doctor Discusses how to Talk to Your Physician About a Vegan Diet 22. Vegan Halloween Makeup ER V O C E H ON T 4 Raise Vegan OCTOBER 2018 No Spooky Ingredients Here! Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic Halloween Makeup for the Entire Family