Raise Vegan October 2018 Raise Vegan - Page 35

M onami Frost, the internet sensation best known for her Instagram page, YouTube channel and as the author of a new cookbook, is taking the vegan world by storm. Along with her husband, tattoo artist Anrijs Straume, and her daughter, Gabriela, the Frost family is doing their part to make the vegan lifestyle more mainstream. The Frost family became vegan four years ago after viewing a series of documenta- ries on Netflix and looking into the health benefits of a plant-based diet. Straume further explained, “At first it was because we started researching about health and looking more into what we are eating. We just wanted to be the best parents we could be for our daughter and give the best to her.” Embarking on the journey to a plant- based lifestyle as a family can be extremely difficult; sometimes kids don’t want to give up certain foods, we find ourselves relying on mock meats a little too heavily, and eventually, become stuck on dinner ideas. However, for the Frost family it came as an easy and natural transition. For the first six months they stuck to a plant-based diet, “We were mostly in it for the health reasons,” said Straume. “We were really concentrating on eating only plant-based, whole foods and making everything from scratch.” However, the more they read and researched, the more they realized how one’s lifestyle impacts the animals and the environment. “We [saw] what was going on with animal agriculture, how people exploit animals in so many disgusting ways, just to fill up their stomachs,” said Straume. No matter where the meat comes from, a factory farm or an organic and “free-range” family farm, the poor animals still end up on someone’s plate. “People think they are more superior [and] they don’t realize that an animal’s life is more important than [their] tastes buds,” said Straume. “They blindly believe that they need to eat ani- mals and their byproducts without doing any research about it.” Once the Frost family learned more about what animals are subjected to, they real- ized that while it is important to eat plant based for their health, is it equally import- ant to fight for the rights of animals and to educate others on the realities of animal agriculture. “Now we can say that we are vegan for the animals,” said Straume. “We are trying to be the voice for the voiceless. It can never be a personal choice if someone else’s life is on the line.” RAISEVEGAN.COM Raise Vegan 35