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Let’s ban the phrase Post-Baby Body. Pre-Baby Body can go, too. As a matter of fact, let’s get rid of the entire concept of “before and after” bodies while we’re at it. The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as a bad body. Here’s what I know about living in a fat body: the world may judge me a hundred times between the moment I wake up and the moment I fall asleep, but not as har- shly as I used to judge myself for simply living in my own skin. I may battle a little harder to get through the day than most people I know, but at the end of each day, I can thank my body for housing all of my dreams. No matter how much my body may change throughout the course of my life, it will have done tremendous things for me and I shouldn’t punish it for making more room for me when I needed it. Hating your body is the first and most critical symptom of dipping your fingers too deeply into the diet culture cookie jar, and it’s one of the most frequently experien- ced feelings by humans all over the world, particularly by women. According to an international study, only 4% of women aged 18-29 would call themselves beautiful*. This means that the other 96% are so self-conscious that words like beautiful, sexy, and pretty fall out of a person’s mouth and onto the floor before it could ever stick to their self-conscious bodies. Mommas, we can do better. We are literal powerhouses. Our bodies have the ability to create life, to nourish, to carry, to hold, to kiss, to hug, to comfort, to wrap boo- boos and to love so deeply, no measurements have been able to fully encapsulate it. We are beautiful. We are so much better than what society says our post-baby body should look like. All we have in this life is our now-and-forever body to carry us through the motions, so today, look yourself in the mirror and OWN it. Let’s beat diet culture by finding ways to appre- ciate our bodies and what they can do, whether it’s daily affirmations, finding a community, giving extra care to the areas of our body that worry us, or reading this article ten times, we can learn to not only say that we are beautiful, but to believe it, too. * source: http://www.clubofamsterdam.com/contentarticles/52%20 Beauty/dove_white_paper_final.pdf Heather Stadler is a writer and an educator who is passionate about animals, humans, and rights for all beings. When she›s not working with children or problem-solving at the cowor- king space where she works, she advocates on behalf of animals by leading tours at Catskill Animal Sanctuary and writing for her blog, Official Fat Vegan. Heather believes in inclusio- nary veganism, meaning folks of all size, color, gender and background are equal parts in this movement. Basically, there›s no wrong way to have a body and there is no wrong way to be vegan. Her blog focuses on body positivity and promotes veganism as a celebration of life. Join the party at officialfatvegan.com and follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! @officialfatvegan RAISEVEGAN.COM Raise Vegan 33