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SHOP THE EBOOK COLLECTION AT RAISEVEGAN.STORE Grow Up Vegan A child-friendly blog for all ages. Claire speaks positively about vegan topics both online and at public events as a public figure. She reviews the latest vegan products and vlogs about vegan businesses, people, and occasions. For bookings contact Claire. WEBSITE: GROWUPVEGAN.com Instagram: GROWUPVEGAN EMAIL: INFO@GROWUPVEGAN.cOM Young Living Shop Ree’s store at Young Living essential oils and diffuse life’s stress away. She also makes her own nontoxic cleaning and beauty supplies with Thieves Brand. Check out her site and shop your way to a healthy life and household! Facebook: Ree's Young Living EO Life http://bit.do/YoungLivingEOLife 313-508-3650 GreenGate Bio Packaging You won’t find any ‘greenwashing’ here - just clear and transparent information that you can trust. By choosing to use eco products you are doing something amazing and something to be proud of! We also practice what we preach; we recycle office stationery, use eco phones, sponsor endangered species, create new native woodland - in summary, we go further. Currently Green Gate Bio Packaging is distributed in Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK. WEBSITE: shop.biogreengate.com Vegware “Good for your food, good for the environment” Vegware is a manufacturer and visionary brand, the global specialist in plant-based compostable foodser- vice packaging. Our extensive range of eco catering dis- posables offers quality environmentally-friendly products at competitive prices. Our award-winning hot and cold drink cups, takeout boxes and food containers are made from renewable, lower carbon or &V76VBFW&2B6&R6Ч7FVBvFfBv7FRvW&R66WFVBtT%4DSfVwv&R6