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B y neglecting yourself, you are neglecting your potential as a parent. Something as simple as just taking a few minutes to yourself each day can make a world of difference. Your “me time” doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant in order to be beneficial. Don”t get me wrong, there will be times when a trip to the spa is in order, especially when it gets to the point where your roots are so out of control that if you put off a trip to the salon any longer, your hair will be unintentionally ombréd. Mom Guilt: Why it is Important to Take Time for Yourself Five a.m. wake up calls, school drop offs and carpools, the list of mommy duties goes on and on, but how much of your time do you shame- lessly commit to self-care? Believe me, your partner may not always ѥٔȁѥ)eȁѡȵ܁ѡԁɔ)͕͠ȁѥ݅䁙ɽ)ѡɕeȁݸѡȁ)ٕɕ͔Ѽ݅эȁ́ȁ)͕䁙ѥѕ́Ё͕ɔ)Qɔɔݽəհ)ȁٕ́ѡЁЁ́ɕ)ѼɕЁ͕ٕ̰Ёͽѥ́ݔ)ѡ́ٔͅѡȁ)ݔ她͕ٕ́ѱ)ѥ)́ɐ́Ё䁉ɔѡ)եЁȁѱݡɅє)͕ݥѠЁɕѥͬ)͕ݥЁ%ͼ)ѡӊéѡЁѕ̸Aѡ)ͥѕȸMѕѼ)ȁɑݕѥЁЁЁѡ崰)ȁͥх݅Ѽȁ)]ѕٕȁѕ́ԁɥ)ԁ́ͥɕ͕ɔ)́ЁٔѼͥٔ)ɕѵЁȁɅمЁɍ͔)ݡЁԁٔѼѼх)ȁͅ䰁Ё䁅́ѡȰЁ)ݽ)eԁݥɕɕ͡ɕ٥х镐)ɕѼɽѡЁ)I%MY8 =4)I͔Y(