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L iam and Janine Day founded the Facebook group, Vegan Food UK (VFUK), a space for people to share vegan recipes, talk about their new favorite vegan restaurants, and bond over their shared passion for vegan food. The couple became vegan overnight after watching the documentary, “Earthlings” but lacked the resources to create delicious meals. They ended up just eating vegetables, lentils and beans and knew they had to take it up a notch. They discovered some recipes that they wanted to share with the vegan community and that’s w hen VFUK was born. They shared their recipes with whoever wanted them and they came to realize that other people had recipes and creations they also wanted to share. As the group grew in number, its members be- gan posting about new vegan options in UK restaurants and a new community was born. Vegan Food UK Vegan Food UK Vegan Food UK Group @Vegan_Food_UK Veganfooduk.co.uk Veganism has changed dramatically in the last few years. It seems crazy, but just three years ago Vegan Food UK was centered around meals members cooked at home and the odd vegan meal eaten out. Now, they have a new post every minute from people who have discovered yet another new vegan product in the supermarket, or a new vegan menu at a restaurant. 2018 has been the most exciting year for vegan food options yet! As the largest UK vegan Facebook group, it can be diffi- cult to stay on top of the message boards, thankfully, they have incredible members and a team of 20 kind-hearted and knowledgeable administrators who believe that what they are doing is making a positive impact in the UK, and they give up their valuable free time for the cause. For those who are just getting into veganism, the most important things are to keep healthy, have fun and enjoy delicious vegan foods. If you are used to having meat and two vegetables, then get yourself to the supermarket and take advantage of all the amazing vegan burgers, sausag- es, mince, chick’n nuggets, fishless fingers, even steaks. There are so many products out there and guaranteed you will find one or more that you like. As you progress on your vegan journey, it will be beneficial to learn some simple, wholefood plant-based recipes such as bean chil- li, shepherdless pie, tofu curry, stews, soups, etc, as these are not only healthy options but they’re delicious as well. For additional support, they have set up a Vegan Food UK YouTube channel that is bursting with easy vegan recipes using low-cost ingredients. Throughout the year, there are hundreds of vegan festi- vals all over the UK and the Days try their best to attend as many as they can. They believe it is important to reach out to the local vegan community for support and encouragement. Their aim is to inspire positive change for the animals, the planet, families and individuals. Anyone who has an interest in veganism and vegan food is welcome to join the Vegan Food UK community. Join their group on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, or subscribe to their website and YouTube channel. RAISEVEGAN.COM Raise Vegan 21