Raise Vegan October 2018 Raise Vegan - Page 10

VIRGO AUGUST 24 - SEPTEMBER 23 This month forecasts that you will be up for anything on the 1st. Be the reverse of brittle and unbending. That’s right: be loose, be cool, be flexible. Seriously! Going to yoga, the pool or the gym will really help to shake things up. Starting the month off getting bendy will make everything happening on the wonderful, exciting, but ever-so-slightly-exhausting (in an exhilarating way), 2nd and 3rd that much easier to shamelessly enjoy the heck out of. Yay! Talk to your buddies on the 7th and 8th — they have your best interests at heart. Talk to some experts on the 11th and 12th — they will have a professional perspective you hadn’t yet considered. Get a teensy tiny bit selfish on the 17th and 18th! After all, if you give away all of your resources, and totally deplete yourself in the process, as you sometimes have a tendency to do, how will you get the job done? Make the 22nd and 23rd good days. Seriously, it is all up to you! Virgo, get to yoga on the 28th. The 29th, 30th and 31st of October 2018 are all about you! Make the most of it — and have a great time while you’re at it! SAGITTARIUS NOVEMBER 23 - DECEMBER 21 As your month gets going, you will probably notice a lot of smiles directed your way. On the 1st, the skies are smiling, the cute barista is smiling, heck, even fortune is smiling on you. Well, what could be better? Smile back! And be glad for all these good vibes. A little moodiness will make way for some very interesting dreams if you listen to your body - which is saying, “I’m cranky because I’m tired!” - a ZHH\Hو\ۈH   [ [x&\B[\\\HۈH][ L Hܛ8&\[\܈BZ[HHH]\\ M][ M [HZYYY[^Bو\\ H܋]\Y] [^H\[Y ZH\Bو[\[H[H[[\\\\HHX\\و[][X][ۂۈH N]  [ \ H^H\HۈH ] HBY]][[[ ]  [ \ ]8&\[\ܝ[][B]H[\[[Hو[YH][HYYˈY]\]\۸&]ܜN[H[ [x&[]][ۙK[[ۙK]] TBPBTSPT  HБT ܙX]]]H\H\وH^H܈[HۈH \ ][Y[HZH][[H\[&]HܙX]]H\KZH[H۸&]X[Hۛ]]HܙY[[ ZH[H۸&]\HY[\YY]\HZYH܂\][HYKY\ۋ[Hۛ]\[H]BܙX][[[[[\\]H\H[]Y\›XZ[[X]]Y[ X[]Y\XZ[[\[H[H\]HHۘXˈ[[܈]X[HXZ\[HY[ HH\\ۙ\[ [ ] [HY[[\X][][ˈ][ܚ[[H&\][ ][H][x&\B[Hܚ[[ ZHH\\H[HKB[HوH\HXX[Y[ۙKHHY\H L][L [HZYYYHXZH][ ZHۙHH\›ۈ[][ۜ\ۈH M[ N H\[\KY[˜[[Z[H[[XHو[\[ܚ]H\ۂH   ][ وؙ\ N Y\[ [BYY[HH[^HݙHZ[YYYH[K\[]Y[XH[[\XY ][XZ[ܚ]X[[X[ۈH ]  [ \ TPԓ][&]\H]\YHۈ[\X\ۈH \ [B[Hݙ\HۈX\ و\K]\YHX[HBو\X\H[\Z[HY[Y[]]\\\H][ܙBؚ[]Y\[ۜ\X[\HYY[ۙH\Z[[[HYKB[][H\XHۙ\ ^HHYK[HۛHH[]X]]K[ܚY[Y [ ] [\ڙXHXYKY܋]Z[ٙX^HH[H\H[ݚ[[ۙ]YYۂH L \\H܈YH[X^[^\ۈH[ܙYXHX[X\\X\ٝ[ ܙX]]K[^][ L][ L H][و[\\[\X\ۈH M[ N [H[Y[H]B]ZH[H۸&]]H[H^H[YH܈Y[[[Z[K[\Y[[[Z[HZYX[HHY[[][HY^KYB]YX\\HHX]و\Z\ۈH[Y[H[YZ[Œ  ][ وؙ\ N \XܛXY\Y[H]ܚۈH [  Y[ۙHZYH]Z]H]^BY[KXZHYH[ۈH ]  [ \ &\H[YHBPPTH  HPT LZ\HY[БT NY[x&\HۙHۈ\H]][[X]\\H[[܈[H]][[Y^H\[Y[\Z\\HYH܈X[K[H \\[H\[\[و\[ۘ]H^KHX]\˜\H\[܈HH[\\[H]8&\[H][H[ܘXZ\[[[HH[HH][H]\“X^XH]XHY[و\]\Z[YXx&\X\X\OZH[KHH]ٝ[H\H   [ [H[H[\YY]XZ[YHY\]ܚ][H\B]H[H[YH[X]ݙK[HۛY[x&]HH\[\B\[ۘ\HYXK]\][]\[\[܈Xܘ][܈\H[\^Y^H\[ZH[K]ۈH L܈ Mقؙ\ N Y\H]\\\]\YH\[H[]\ˈ[H\HB]\[ Xܛ[ۙY\YY[ۙH[]\[HۈHݙ\Y ]YۂYHۈHX[\ M܈ N ^HY\H[H]\ۛ]ۙ\]Z]\ݙ\K\Y\HHZ\H[[[ۘ[   ][ ][HXۚ[[YH]HHY[ \\܈[Z[BY[X\]][]ۈHXHHXH][HۈH \ TS H HPVH BSRSBTUPTUT–[\ۘ\ۈH \[H[\Y][[\X[ \H[H][H[O\H[HX][]\[ܙBٝ[[[\YY\\H[HZ[\Hو[\[[[ۘ[X[\H[H\O\K[H[YۛܙHHY[]BYۜ]Y][\ٙ]]8&\HYXKH[B]وH[XY[][ۋ]X]HHY[\\\\\H؛[KY\]ۜX][HۈH ] Y[H]HB؛[KXZ\ۈH L [x&[H[ܙX]\H[H[Hۙ\[\]\Z[[\^HۈH\[Y[HXBM][ M YH\۸&][^\\ ][]\[ B]܈]\H[HZ[]KHHݙ[K[[[ܚ[ N]  [ \ [H\H[H]HXX[\XK[[[ۘ[K][H]\YHݙH]\[x&[ؘXH]HۈB  ]܈ وؙ\ N XHH\\]\[\B[[]X[و[\[][ۜ\ۈH[YKY܋Y[[[ۘ[ Z\KBX[[ ]  [ \ [HZY\ݙ\[H]HYB\H[\\[[YBTQT“PT H HTS \K\H\HH^\\H]\][]ܚ[]YH Y[[ۋۈ[\[]]JH\]]H] [\H\B^\ZHH \ [[\H\\]YY ]\H[BX\[ۈ\[H\YK]\\][H]\[][]\]H[KH\H\\[ܝ[]HXXB[\X[]HH\\HX[X\XXHX][Y\KXXH^Z[[KXXHZ[XK\X]\K[Y B[HY[HH\\X]YHH \Z[[H   [ [HZYY[ZH[H\۸&]ۛX^H\\ [[[ۋB[K\XZ[H[و]\H\\Y[[]\[Y[\YH HY[B[[H[]HY][ܛ[YۈH L][Lوؙ\ N [H\H[[[X^[H\KXK[\XœXHۈH N]  [ \ X^HHܙHYH[X[\ۈH [  ]\\[x&[\XX]H[K\XX[H\^HY[˜XYHۛH[Y\]Y[ۈH ]  [ \ PVH HSH BSPTH H HPPTH NBTT–[\[۝\\[ٙ]HܙX]Y[HY\ ۈH \ ]8&\š[وZHY[ۙHXYY[HHܙX]Y\\H\K[H\H\H\[\H\HY[\H\HY\\\]\H \\]]K\H\H[\\[\]ܚH[H]BH\Yˈ[HY[][H[HܛY؈\X\[]]\]\]\]Y[\][[ۈۈH   [%H\X\ۜ]8&\Y[\]و\Z[X[X˜]XY[ˈY\[ H\\XX[[\[[وH]X][ۈ\™[H[][][Y[[ˈY[H\H[K[K[B]ۈ][Y][HY Y[\H][ L\HZ[HB^\[[H[H\H[x&\H[]]HZH۸&]]XYHY][\\\[H]\۸&] [H[ HX[[›ۈH M][ M Y\[ ][H[\X[ ۸&]]Z][[[H[] [\Y[\HH[\X\\K[]\[ܙB[ۈH [ ܙوؙ\ N [\Y[ۙH[B\]^H[وH]X][ۈ[[x&[HX\Y]]^H]H^HۈHX[\ [  ]HۈH \ UTT‘PSPT HSPTH ۈH \ Y[H[[\[\X]YHX[\[\\Y\[\YܙY[Y[[[H\H\[[[\[\HY B[Y][H۸&]X[H\HX] ۸&][H[]8&\[YBK\[ܚ]^O\H]OX^XH[H[\\ۈ][ž[\ܚ\YܙYH][H[[ܙHۈ][H[H]B\H[H^KX^XH[H[[\[YH\Z[[X][\\\[[ܙH[YH[[[YH][K[ۋ]8&\œY][[X] []^KHH ] [x&\H][^ B\Y[HY][]ˈ܈]H]X]HY\X\YO–[H[[\\\\H[H]HX[\XHۈH][L H[[HY[[\[[[\[[[ۘ[ܚ^ۜ™^[[[HH]\YH^\Z[[\^HۈH L[ Mوؙ\ N \]X\]\۸&]ݙ\[ۈH M] BHYHܚ[  H[XXHZ[[\[YY ™[HX[HY[ۈH ]]H[\Z\HۈH ] [ \ \[X[H[[H\Z\K܈X[ S’SH  HUQT ”ԔS“БT  HՑSPT [H]HHY[[ۈH \][H[Y\H]^XH\\Hܙ[^][ۂ\[ YۛH[\[]]وH^O•Hܜ[\HܙX\܈\[۝][HX^H\H[HY ]\x&\HX›وH][H[X]] ]X\Y˂YH[\[YK[܈^\[X[H[XZHX[\\[H[\܈H]\H\Y\قX[\^\Yܙ[H^XHH[و[\ž[H[[YYXZHYHY\\ۂH   [ H]HKY\X\\B[۞H[]\H\Xو[\YHۈH L[ Mوؙ\ N \HYܝ[Y[][H^HٙBHH\[ N]  [ \ [\]\H[ZH[H\[[\[[[]YHHYBY\۝\][ۜ[XYX[HۈH  ][  ۸&]\]]H[\XY\[\X\ ]ZX\ ][\]HHX[\[œ[H[H]YH]ۈH ] \H] [BYHHY[ۈH  ܜ[HYو] [H]HH^HۈH \ [H] H]HYX]H[X[H][\ܙX]]HZX\[ۈB\ ۈH\[ HX[\ۛYۋY[]Y[X]H[HY[[H]H\]Y ][[[وX]\]X[\]\ˈ[x&\H[H]H؜\[XHۈH   [ Y\[\^Y\Y[Y[[\X\[ۛ][HZY[•H L][ L\HܙX]^\܈YZ[[^XH\^H\KYH[K[YYYY []ZH]\ˈ[H[[\YۚYX[\\H[H][XX\YH]H^[[YXHۂH M[ Nوؙ\ N [ ]\H\Y[܋Y܈ۛ[XX[\[HH[X^[ [ ܙ ]XYH܈[H]H\YXHY\Y][Y\]\[\][\KHH ] [H[Y[][HXHX[H\B[[\ˈ\][Y[\[Z[K]H[\[[Hو]ZY][YBۈH ]  [ \ Y\[ [][X][ۜ[HH]B\[Y˂STSH HSH Z [Z[]K][ZH[H\[\ܛ \\\X[\BYHۈH \ [H[ۙ\H[Z[]H]Z[HܛX] ۸&][Z[[XHYX[[H]\[H[[ݙ\[K[Z[]HYX[Xۚ^[]ۙHۛ]\][]]\[ۙH\Y][[HXK[][H[[\Z[X[\H[[ܙYXH[XXK[[\ۋ\H\ۘ[ ^\ˈ]H[HۙHY][]\\\YH\]]H[\]KZ[\\܈[\]KZ[[X]\Y^H[][Hۛ[[\Z[\\ۈH ܈ ] Y[H\Y\H\HYK[x&[^H][[ۈ]^H]H^K]H[\[H\[\˜XZHH]XHۈH][ L ][Y]\YX[œ[[[\\[]HX[H[\[][H[\˂[ۙ^H\ۈ[\Z[ۈH L[ M [Y]8&\ ][K[\[\YX\\\HHY\Y ][Hۈ\\[]]\YX[\H][\\[ HXX]\[\[ []H\Y]ܛ\ HۈH N]  ܈ \وؙ\ N YHX[\][Y[[HHH]šܚ^ۈۈH   ][  [[HۈH \