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Apple Picking and Pie Baking Get those gumboots out and head to the local apple orchard for some fresh air and apple picking! Bring them home and bake a delicious apple pie or crisp; it’s a great way for children to see exactly where their food comes from and it will give them an appreciation of the work that goes into making food from scratch. Tree Drawing and Leaf Gluing Encourage your child to draw the trunk and branches of a tree on a piece of paper, then, tear up pieces of real dried leaves to glue on as the leaves of the tree! Fall Foliage Scavenger Hunt Have multiple paper bags, each with a different kind of leaf, acorn or pine cone drawn onto the front. Encou- rage your children to go on a hunt, placing the appropriate item in the corresponding bag. At the end, dry out these items to use later for fun crafts! Leaf Pressing and Coloring Using painter ’ s tape, tape the four edges of a sheet of paper down onto a table or tile floor, and arrange dried leaves onto the paper with their veins facing upward. Then, carefully place another sheet of paper over top, again taping the four edges down. Finally, have your children color on top to reveal fun leaf shapes and textures! Fall Activities for Vegan Kids Fall is one of my favorite seasons, it’s a time to bundle up in cozy sweaters and eat lots of apple pie! However, with the fall comes cooler weather, which can make it trickier to entertain children. Here are some great ideas, both indoor and out, that will be fun for the whole family! by Emily Kru Pinecones and Painting Dry out the pinecones from the scavenger hunt, then paint them, add glitter and even googly eyes. Display them as fun and per- sonalized centerpieces at the dinner table! @emilykru Apple Stamping Slice an apple in half, but don’t core it, dip the cut side into paint and press onto a sheet of paper. You can also cut thick slices out of the apple and use a cookie cutter to cut out fun stamp shapes. Leaf Ironing and Hanging Save the leaves from your fall scavenger hunt and let them dry for a day or two between two pieces of newspaper. When they have dried, place the leaves between two sheets of waxed paper and iron them. Finally, cut out the leaves and poke a hole in the top to thread a string through and hang around the home. Pinecone Bird Feeders Using the pinecones from the scaven- ger hunt, spread peanut butter over the entire cone and roll in bird seed. Attach a string around the top and hang them around the yard as a nice treat for the birds. RAISEVEGAN.COM RV. 57